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Easyget Makes Your Enjoyable Adventure Easy To Get.

Ningbo Easyget Co., Ltd. established the business as the general manufacturer exporter. Today, it is one of the top manufacturers and exporters across Ningbo.


The company focuses on Outdoor Gear. Main conclude products like Best Hiking & Camping Gadgets , Best Travel Accessories, Hammock Tents, Outdoor String Lights, Backpacks, Bakeware, Garden & The Patio decorations etc. 

Easyget is equipped with a hardworking and highly intelligent staff and manpower.Highly trained to give good output and satisfaction to the customers.

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We create deeper relationships with local sales agents, licensees, franchisees, and even customers. Imagine the brand value of having every sales person around the world using own

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We teach customers to look for our brand to let them know whether or not they’re on a legitimate site — and more importantly, if their personal information is in the right hands. With a secure

What is the role of yoga tension bands?

Friends who often practice yoga are absolutely familiar with yoga tension bands because, in the process of practicing yoga, yoga tension bands are a better aid that will make your yoga workout more effective. But many people actually have questions about the role and characteristics of yoga tension bands, so below we will analyze the role and several advantages of yoga tension bands in detail.

What fabrics are available for yoga clothe?

Yoga seems to become the first choice of leisure for women fitness or practice body shape, especially after the promotion and popularity of yoga courses, more and more women friends relax themselves by practicing yoga after work or study, of course, to practice yoga must be a comfortable yoga clothes, so as to reduce the sense of bondage in the practice process, that yoga clothes are generally produced with what fabric? Today we will give you a few fabrics that are commonly used in the production of yoga clothes.

How to repair LED lights?

LED lights are not like incandescent bulbs that are broken and can only be replaced with new ones, it is possible to repair them. The repair is not complicated, even we can fix it by ourselves. As long as you find the exact part of the problem, the corresponding parts of the replacement, a few simple steps will be able to repair the LED lamp, without replacing the entire lamp.

How to choose solar garden lights

With the increasing use of solar street lights in rural areas, many people also want to buy a solar garden light to install in their hometown yard. But there are many kinds of solar garden lights in the market. I often don't know which one to buy. They have different shapes and different power, and their prices are also different. Since the prices are different, how do we choose solar garden lights? First of all, when we buy anything, we'd better understand its product first.

What kinds of solar garden lights are there?

In this era of advanced technology, along with the common application of solar products in the market, many families have installed solar garden lights in their own yards. Solar garden lights automatically absorb light and charge during the day and automatically light up at night, and do not require 1 degree of electricity throughout the year. It has the advantages of full functionality, no manual operation, easy installation, no wiring, wiring, etc. Because the solar garden light is particularly low voltage, it is very safe and reliable in use and has a better appearance than traditional lighting, so it has always been liked by people.

Information about hammocks

A hammock is a lightweight and easy-to-carry sleeping device for wilderness activities, and the material used to make it is usually tethered to a tree. For people who love walking outdoors, hammocks can provide a convenient resting experience. This article is intended to provide an overview of hammocks for the reader's reference.

How to choose a Sports Waterproof Backpack?

Spring is back and everything is reviving, so it's a good time to go on a spring trip. Outdoor spring activities, whether outdoor excursions, hiking, camping, rock climbing, etc., need backpack equipment that can bring convenience and comfort to themselves, which can not only carry more travel essentials, and can also make travel more convenient, safer, and easier.

How do decorate your Christmas with Christmas lights?

Warm white 2700K color temperature Christmas lights strings are more popular, like various Christmas deer, cane lights are like warm white decoration. Christmas lights are one of the essential decoration items for every household at Christmas, and the warm and romantic experience it brings makes the

How to choose a travel sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag is one of the essential pieces of equipment for outdoor travelers, a good sleeping bag can provide a warm and comfortable sleeping environment for wilderness campers so that physical strength is quickly recovered. In the previous article we have explained the types of travel sleeping bags and temperature indicators, this article we add to the previous article on the basis of the main points and considerations when choosing a travel sleeping bag.

What are the types of travel sleeping bags?

Travel sleeping bag is an essential item for travelers. For people who travel long distances, if the climate is harsh, sometimes only a tent is not enough, you also need a travel sleeping bag to ensure a comfortable sleep. In this article, we will talk about what kinds of travel sleeping bags, are for your reference. Currently, commercially available sleeping bags by material can be divided into down and synthetic fiber sleeping bags, which is what we usually call cotton sleeping bags, and down sleeping bags.

Introduction of hammock-related accessories

Hammocks are the preferred rest product for many people who love short outdoor trips, and both young and old people can't resist placing a hammock in their yards. The hammock is not just a net or a piece of cloth that looks so simple, it looks very convenient hammock also has many practical accessories. This article will introduce these accessories and their advantages.

What types of shade sails are available?

Shade sails are an easy and affordable way to shade your deck or patio and add a pop of color. Here's what you need to know before you buy.

How to choose a Shade Sail?

Spring is here, the flowers are red and green, it is a good time to go out for spring, in their own small patio can also sit and drink tea, invite three or five friends to a small gathering, no longer afraid of the cold winter wind. But the sunlight is getting stronger and stronger, and the damage to the skin from UV rays is increasing, so how can you effectively block the sunlight? Today we recommend ------ Shade Sail.

Teach you to choose backpack material

And the material of the backpack is not only leather, even leather, there are many kinds or even multiple layers. Today, let's take stock of the various materials of your backpacks. I'll teach you a pair of insight, and don't listen to the store clerk's fooling around.

Stainless steel chopsticks

For us Chinese, we habitually use chopsticks to eat. It is no exaggeration to say that many people have three meals a day without chopsticks. Not only China, but also Japan, South Korea and other countries have the habit of using chopsticks, so do you really care about such common chopsticks? Why do you care about chopsticks? Because careful friends will find that the chopsticks will become moldy after a long time.

How to clean and maintain the solar string lamp?

The solar string lamp looks very beautiful. It uses solar energy as the direct light source. Because the current and voltage are not high, it will not be too bright and dazzling, but also beautify the environment. They create an atmosphere that ensures that your lighting needs are met.

Compare two chopsticks

For us, chopsticks are all too familiar furniture. Don't underestimate the chopsticks in our hands, it has changed the way we eat with bare hands, making dining more civilized and hygienic. Chopsticks have a long history in my country and have been passed down for thousands of years, and have long become an indispensable item in Chinese families. A pair of small wooden chopsticks, due to all kinds of elaborate carvings, have long been in a variety of ways. When you visit different people's homes, you will find that although wooden chopsticks are used, wooden chopsticks are also different types due to the different carving patterns and colors on the surface. many.


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Ningbo Easyget Co., Ltd. establish business as the general manufacturer  exporter. Today one of the top manufacturer and exporters across the region.




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