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Easyget is the best companion for your all outdoor adventures. Let us know your plan. Various durable products for camping, hiking, outdoor picnic, cycling, traveling, golf, and outdoor Gardens.

Tents and shade sails allow you to stay at your favorite sightseeing place and provide shelter from the rain and sunlight. Outdoor cooking tools, including barbeque grills, bonfire accessories, pot-hanging tripods for camping, folding coffee drip holders, and many more, make your adventure memorable.

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Easyget Makes Your Enjoyable Adventure Easy To Get.

 Easyget established the business as the general manufacturer exporter since 2006, focusing on outdoor gears. Today, it is one of the top manufacturers and exporters across Ningbo. Main products conclude tent, hammock, barbecue grill, shade sails, outdoor string lights, etc.

We are equipped with a hardworking and highly intelligent staff and manpower.Highly trained to give good output and satisfaction to the customers.

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We provide professional consulting and after-sales service for all our outdoor supplies, including tents, hammocks, barbecue grills, shade sails, kettles, and packing Organizers.
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What are the styles of travel sleeping bags?

The style and shape of the sleeping bag are directly related to the warmth of the sleeping bag, the comfort of sleeping, and the volume of your luggage. The common shape of sleeping bags is mainly mummy-shaped envelope-shaped two.

How to choose a hammock?

If you are given a choice to rest in the outdoor camping, you will choose to lie in a hammock or picnic mat, I think most people will choose to lie in a hammock because hammocks are more comfortable, so today we will see how to choose a good hammock, what factors need to be considered.

What are the characteristics of mesh hammocks often?

A Mesh hammock is one of the common hammocks, the other is a cloth hammock. Compared to cloth hammocks, mesh hammocks are more breathable. The following are some of the mesh hammocks produced by EASYGET, and this article briefly describes the characteristics of mesh hammocks using these products as examples.

How to install shade sails?

A shade sail is a large shade tool. In order to protect flowers and plants from UV rays during the hot summer months, and for the aesthetics of the yard, many homes install a shade sail in their yard. Shade sails can be installed by buyers themselves, or professional installers can be hired, and some sellers will also give away installation services. How should a shade sail be installed for the consumer?

How do I buy a shade sail?

Adding shade sails to your backyard or deck can transform the space into a personal retreat and instantly make your home a summer destination for your family and friends. Whether you decide to install the shade sails yourself or seek the help of a professional, two off-building issues you may need to consider before starting your project are the size of the shade sails and the shape of the shade sails. We will cover issues related to shape and size and give more tips and tricks to make sure you are ready for your new shade sail.

What are the advantages of portable shade sails?

A shade sail is a shading tool that effectively blocks out the sun. For families, taking a shade sail with you when you go out on a trip can provide shade from UV rays no matter where they travel location is. Portable shade sails are loved by most people because they are easy to carry, so what exactly are the advantages of portable shade sails?

What is the significance of the temperature scale of a travel sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag works on the principle that it can form a layer of air between you and the wet and cold air or ground that will not circulate, and once this air compartment is warmed by your body temperature, it can play a good insulation effect together with the sleeping bag's own insulation filling material. The comfort temperature standard is an important parameter of the sleeping bag, but what does it mean specifically?

What can solar garden lights be used for?

Solar energy has been on the rise in the last two years, and mobile solar garden lights are set to become one of the highlights. Mobile solar garden lights have become a new type of lighting that is growing and can be used in residential buildings today.

What are some easy-to-carry hammocks?

The hammock is a very popular item for travelers, and the hammock must have the characteristic of being easy to carry. So, what are some portable hammocks? This article will introduce several portable hammocks produced by EASYGET.

The difference between the sports bag and the mountaineering bag

During holidays, more and more people come out to travel, and most of the mountains and rivers in China. Traveling and climbing mountains and rivers are the daily trips of many tourists. During holidays, these tourists appear in the famous mountains of the motherland one after another. Tourists who come to climb mountains carry different bags. Let's see which bag is the most labor-saving when climbing mountains.

Why do we need to wear professional yoga clothes when practicing yoga?

When taking yoga class, we will find a strange phenomenon: almost all students will coincidentally wear yoga clothes to class, rarely wear self-service class phenomenon, can't we wear loose clothes to practice? The answer is, not that you can't, but it's not good. This article introduces the reasons for wearing yoga clothes for yoga practice and the functions that yoga clothes fabric should have.

What is the role of the yoga ball?

The yoga ball is the most common kind of sports and fitness equipment, for this kind of equipment we use it when we still need to pay attention to its related knowledge, so what is the role of the yoga ball? How to clean the yoga ball?

Why do you need a professional yoga mat to practice yoga?

In the last two years, influenced by the new crown epidemic, more and more people choose indoor sports, among which yoga is one of the most popular sports for most women. Practicing yoga can stretch one's body to the maximum extent, eliminate the exhaustion of work, and also relieve one's inner restlessness and settle down in the process of exercise. Before starting to do yoga, many people will first purchase a yoga mat. Why must you have a yoga mat to practice yoga?

What is the role of yoga tension bands?

Friends who often practice yoga are absolutely familiar with yoga tension bands because, in the process of practicing yoga, yoga tension bands are a better aid that will make your yoga workout more effective. But many people actually have questions about the role and characteristics of yoga tension bands, so below we will analyze the role and several advantages of yoga tension bands in detail.

What fabrics are available for yoga clothe?

Yoga seems to become the first choice of leisure for women fitness or practice body shape, especially after the promotion and popularity of yoga courses, more and more women friends relax themselves by practicing yoga after work or study, of course, to practice yoga must be a comfortable yoga clothes, so as to reduce the sense of bondage in the practice process, that yoga clothes are generally produced with what fabric? Today we will give you a few fabrics that are commonly used in the production of yoga clothes.

How to repair LED lights?

LED lights are not like incandescent bulbs that are broken and can only be replaced with new ones, it is possible to repair them. The repair is not complicated, even we can fix it by ourselves. As long as you find the exact part of the problem, the corresponding parts of the replacement, a few simple steps will be able to repair the LED lamp, without replacing the entire lamp.

How to choose solar garden lights

With the increasing use of solar street lights in rural areas, many people also want to buy a solar garden light to install in their hometown yard. But there are many kinds of solar garden lights in the market. I often don't know which one to buy. They have different shapes and different power, and their prices are also different. Since the prices are different, how do we choose solar garden lights? First of all, when we buy anything, we'd better understand its product first.

Are you a Nature Lover? Have you ever planned outdoor camping or open-air Barbeque with friends or families? Looking for the best hiking, camping, and cycling tools? Easyget products are always reached in time at your doorstep to make your adventure extraordinarily pleasant.

Tents allow you to stay at your favorite sightseeing place and provide shelter from the rain, sunlight, snowfall, and dew. Now order the best quality tents for camping and all outdoor adventures which are feasible for all weather conditions with a large variety of sizes and colors that suit your requirement. Our products will make you feel at home in outdoor events as you can order portable toilets, the best quality sleeping bags, and emergency thermal blankets. To make your adventure memorable we also offer outdoor cooking tools which include barbeque grills, bonfire accessories, pot hanging tripods for camping, folding coffee drip holders, and many more. Our shower water bags make your open-air bathing more pleasant. Enjoying drizzling, snowfall, and rain is always been an adventure if you are a nature lover by heart. Our unique designs of waterproof shade sails make the outdoor garden experience extraordinary. Electric portable lights with folding dining tables and folding chairs make a feast in the forest. Click Camping to explore all available products.

Along with camping tools we provide the world’s best standard hiking gears which not only ensure your safety but also provide the best level of comfort. Fingerless gloves save your hands from wearing off while cycling, riding a motorbike, or holding ropes. Our pocket-size metal compass helps in navigation. Other tools like an outdoor heater, portable windproof stove, and durable water bucket let your hiking experience reach the next level. Click Hiking to have a look at available products.

Cycling is one of the most favorite hobbies worldwide so our company is a pioneer in manufacturing cycling tools. Cycling tools include a portable air pump, folding bicycle goggles, aviator goggles, headlight phone holder, universal sports bag, waist bag, and cycling waterproof cover. Along with these tools our store is full of all the items that can be useful during a cycling trip, click cycling to explore.

Do you need all the traveling gear? No worries, now you can order all traveling accessories from here. Traveling tools include the best quality silicone folding water bottle, trolley suitcase, quick dry bath towel, folding wardrobe organizer, and many more. Just click on Travel to explore all products, we are offering.

Golf is played worldwide and its best quality accessories are rare, especially in online stores. Our store is offering Golf iron head cover, golf hitting mat grass, sun protective sports cuffs, groove sharpener, and warmup training stick. If you are looking for the best quality products for golf, just click on Golf to get amazing products.


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