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Easyget Makes Your Enjoyable Adventure Easy To Get.

Ningbo Easyget Co., Ltd. established the business as the general manufacturer exporter. Today, it is one of the top manufacturers and exporters across Ningbo.


The company focuses on Outdoor Gear. Main conclude products like Best Hiking & Camping Gadgets , Best Travel Accessories, Hammock Tents, Outdoor String Lights, Backpacks, Bakeware, Garden & The Patio decorations etc. 

Easyget is equipped with a hardworking and highly intelligent staff and manpower.Highly trained to give good output and satisfaction to the customers.

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Create a Secure Space,We teach customers to look for our brand to let them know whether or not they’re on a legitimate site



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Naturally, when the customer is happy with your service, he will stick back with your brand and will not shift to competitors.   



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Robotic Process Automation.Robotic process automation (RPA) is an excellent example of an advanced technology solution for SMBs. 


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We create deeper relationships with local sales agents, licensees, franchisees, and even customers. Imagine the brand value of having every sales person around the world using own

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Provide the ultimate strategic competitive advantage, giving a first-mover head-start that cannot be easily replicated. In an age of disrupt or be disrupted, we have the opportunity to redefine the competitive landscape.

Create a Trusted, Secure Space

We teach customers to look for our brand to let them know whether or not they’re on a legitimate site — and more importantly, if their personal information is in the right hands. With a secure

Compare two chopsticks

For us, chopsticks are all too familiar furniture. Don't underestimate the chopsticks in our hands, it has changed the way we eat with bare hands, making dining more civilized and hygienic. Chopsticks have a long history in my country and have been passed down for thousands of years, and have long become an indispensable item in Chinese families. A pair of small wooden chopsticks, due to all kinds of elaborate carvings, have long been in a variety of ways. When you visit different people's homes, you will find that although wooden chopsticks are used, wooden chopsticks are also different types due to the different carving patterns and colors on the surface. many.

Principle and application of waterproof lamp

Waterproof lamp is composed of lamp board, lamp shell, waterproof components and heat dissipation aluminum, which can also be called waterproof lamp tube. That is, the outer ring is a sealed PC pipe, which is added with an aluminum strip and D-shaped aluminum. It is mainly aimed at solving the problems of poor heat dissipation effect of all plastic pipe and relatively single supporting plug, which can improve the safety performance of the finished product to a certain extent, and can use the aluminum structure to reduce the curvature of the plastic pipe after the long-term lighting temperature rises.

How to choose the fabric of the backpack

Throughout the year, girls always have a bag in their hands, which can be said to be a necessary item for going out. We started from paying attention to the appearance and appearance of bags, and now we pay more and more attention to the quality of bags, especially the material. Good material can double the value of bags, with a high sense.

Purpose of lawn lamp

Lawn lamps are lighting products used in specific environments. However, some people think that whether in parks or squares, lawn lamps play a relatively poor role in lighting. But we also need to know that this kind of lamp is not only for lighting, but also for effectively improving the overall beauty of the surrounding environment. Next, let me introduce the purpose of lawn lamp in detail.

Picnic tableware

Outdoor tableware is mainly chopsticks, spoons, pots and bowls. The factors that affect the comfort of tableware and cooking utensils are mainly materials and design. The most important pots in EASYGET tableware are introduced below.

Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel chopsticks

As we all know, chopsticks are a must-have tool on our dining table. Every day, we use chopsticks to pick up all kinds of food, such as steamed bread, vegetables, etc. Moreover, whether it is cooking delicious food, or when we stir seasoning or noodles, chopsticks are our necessary cooking tools. And chopsticks are also used when the family eats, so most families prepare several pairs of chopsticks at home, but when we buy chopsticks, we need to pay attention to what kind of chopsticks to choose. This is a matter of concern.

A Brief History of Chopsticks

Throughout history, chopsticks have had a symbiotic relationship with rice, another staple of Asian cuisine. Naturally, eating with chopsticks is better for some types of food than others. At first glance, you'd think rice wouldn't make it, but in Asia, most rice is short- or medium-grain. The starches in these rices create a soft and chewy deli, unlike the fluffy and distinctive grains of western long-grain rice. When chopsticks come together to pick up steaming glutinous rice buns, it's a match made in heaven.

How to hang the "high pressure grid" of LED lights?

In some festivals and decorations of gifts, we can see some bright lights. Where it is, it will create a warm and romantic atmosphere for girls. Using LED lights to decorate the room will make the monotonous room full of girls. Let's see how LED lights make the room more "compelling"!

Garden landscape lamp - lawn lamp

In the design of villa garden, landscape lamp is an essential and important content.

Tableware Evaluation

Ever since I started buying Yi Jucan's tableware, I have been thinking about three meals a day and going on a picnic on weekends and long holidays! Just think, the breeze, the grass, the flowers, the kids running in the sun, the picnic mats, the picnic food, the carefully chosen cutlery... it's all beautiful.

Teach you how to make full use of outdoor sports backpacks

Packing is not a strange thing for every friend who takes part in outdoor activities. However, not everyone can do such a common thing well, so it is not easy to pack a backpack. Maybe whenever you go camping, your sports backpack is always bulging. If you don't take it, you always feel that you have no bottom in your heart. If you take it, you can't fill it. The final result is that if you can't fill it, you have to put it in your sports backpack.

These points should be considered in the design of handbag packaging

Handbags are a necessity that cannot be left in the daily sales process. Whatever you sell clothes, shoes, cosmetics, food, etc., as long as sales are involved, handbags become a necessity. Therefore, the packaging design of a seemingly simple handbag is very particular. For example, supermarket bags often bear the logo of the supermarket.

Introduction to shoulder bags

Bag products can be generally discussed as containers, from small ticket holders for money, large to trolley boxes and travel bags for luggage and clothes, etc. With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption levels, shoulder bags are becoming more and more popular among women.

Why do we use luggage tags?

Traveling can be hectic, especially when flying. You have to get to the airport early, go through security, and hopefully the airline doesn't lose your luggage along the way. Fortunately, thanks to the luggage tags, there is very little chance of your luggage being misplaced. They provide airlines with important information to help you recover your lost luggage.

The history of the tote bag

Tot is actually a foreign language, transliterated from the English "Tote", which means "to carry, carry, carry, carry" and so on. The word Tote is taken from the African word "Tuta", which means "To Carry". So, simply put, a tote bag is a large tote bag or shopping bag.

How to carry a tent?

More and more people choose to use the weekend for a short time to travel excursions, in all the equipment we need to carry out, the tent may be the largest and heaviest one, how to place it well is absolutely important.

How to maintain the tent?

For travel lovers, the tent is a must-have for them. In addition to choosing a high-quality tent, it is also very important to take proper care of the tent. This article will briefly introduce the method of tent maintenance.


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Ningbo Easyget Co., Ltd. establish business as the general manufacturer  exporter. Today one of the top manufacturer and exporters across the region.




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