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How to repair LED lights?

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How to repair LED lights?

LED lights are not like incandescent bulbs that are broken and can only be replaced with new ones, it is possible to repair them. The repair is not complicated, even we can fix it by ourselves. As long as you find the exact part of the problem, the corresponding parts of the replacement, a few simple steps will be able to repair the LED lamp, without replacing the entire lamp. So, how do repair LED lights?

Here is the list of contents:

Step 1: Find the part of the LED light failure

Step 2: Repair

Step 1: Find the part of the LED light failure

The core components of the LED lamp are the lamp board and the driver, and the most likely to have problems are these two components. Therefore, first of all, we need to figure out whether the lamp board failure or driver failure, the method is as follows.

Use a multimeter to voltage gear, measure the voltage at the output of the driver, that is, the voltage between the two lines connected to the light board, if the voltage is normal, the driver is not a problem, to confirm the problem is the light board. If the voltage is not normal, then naturally the driver is the problem. This time should also be accompanied by a measurement of the light board to prevent damage to the light board and driver together, test the light board, you can use the beeping gear to determine, through is not bad, not damaged.

LED board is generally composed of multiple LED beads in series, one of the beads is damaged, and all the beads will not light. So we are to find the damaged beads. Find which lamp bead failed, first of all, you can visually observe, that some blackened lamp bead is burned. Secondly, you can use a multimeter to measure one by one, because these beads are actually light-emitting diodes, divided into positive and negative. There is no multimeter that can also be added to the light beads at both ends of the way of DC power to determine whether the light. Such a method can basically check out which lamp beads are faulty.

For the LED driver, the main thing is to determine whether the line is a false connection, other electrical components we generally do not need to find because it does not have several electrical components, and there is no value of the repair.

Step 2: Repair

Lamp bead damage repair

This we have to be divided into two cases, one is the individual several damages, we directly find the old LED light board to take a few light beads to replace it. Replacement time to pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the LED. Another most of the damage, then this situation is not necessary to repair, direct replacement of the entire light board is the best choice.

Driver failure repair

The driver actually has no repair value, for the entire LED light it is a part, indeed broken can only replace the corresponding model of the driver, the replacement also requires only a simple corresponding interface to plug on it. Here are two points to remind you, one is the output interface of the driver should be consistent with the original equipment, otherwise the purchase back or cannot be used. The second is the output power, which should be within the range of the light board, this can refer to the output power on the old driver, referring to the purchase is good.

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