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EASYGET Supply Professional Camping Gear Since 2006

Today one of the top suppliers and exporters across the region. The company is equipped with a hardworking and highly intelligent staff and manpower. Highly trained to give good output and satisfaction to the customers. We are very sensitive to the constantly changing business environment to the rising demands for competent, efficient, and quality products which is imperative to ensure the satisfaction of our client's needs.

Company History

  • Since 2006, EASYGET has not yet started its wonderful journey. It needs great foresight and courage to start a multiservice company with limited sources. Our aim is R&D and manufacturing of camping, outdoor & travel gear, patio & garden, and kitchenware products that many people could only dream then.
  • Based in Ningbo, China, we have been one of the top manufacturers and exporters in the region. EASYGET now is a general manufacturer and exporter with the confidence to solve the customer's long waited problem for the best quality products with the best services.
  • In the beginning, people thought that our target is only a certain group of people, but time has proven its unique multiservice quality.
  • The newly established Company faced many challenges in introducing the products and competing with international giants, starting a new manufacturing unit as well as work of R&D.
      1) We genergetically marketed its products and started to build a reputation for high-quality and long-lasting products. One of the major challenges was to train and educate the company’s manpower to enable them to manufacture the world’s best standard products.
      2) The company management has emphatically emphasized human resource development. Their dream turned into reality and now after sixteen successful years of consistency, Ningbo Easyget is equipped with intelligent and hardworking staff. The integrity of staff was put to test many times to avoid a bad name for to brand.
      3) In-time delivery is one of the most challenging tasks in the export business and logistics play one of the pivotal roles. How quickly a company can deliver its products to customers affect the company's reputation on a large scale. Camping and traveling are seasonal and vocational activities in which products are to reach within a particular time and Ningbo Easyget consistently developed itself as the most trusted brand of travel gears and many other products of high quality. The company widened its network worldwide and achieved enormous fame in camping and traveling gears. Easyget is located in Ningbo, which helps the company to cope with this very core issue of logistics as it has very convenient access to Ningbo port for transportation of its products around the whole world. This advantage has helped the company to serve worldwide customers by delivering the most reliable products on time.
  • The twenty-first century has evolved the business model, no company can maintain its existence for long without constant change in the business model and environment. It was the same case with Ningbo Easyget which initially remained under a single business model for 4 years but later it was realized that if the company is to grow and compete they have to change its business environment constantly so that it can meet day-to-day demands and ensure the provision of quality products.
  • This innovative change in the business environment also attracted more and more customers around the world as the company always kept in view the user's necessities with innovative ideas. Filling the user's requirements with modern touch has now become a trademark of Ningbo Easyget.
  • Though initially, the brand faced the issue of trust among customers but later customer satisfaction became the core value of the brand, since the brand has energetically satisfied the customers. Even in the most demanding condition brand had looked after the applicant's needs. With the exceptional services brand has grown the number of customers and developed widely. When the company’s hardworking and well-trained staff began to provide exceptional services, customers appreciated and praised it with an open heart. Later this feedback became the lifeblood for defining the brand’s values. It also boosted the confidence of manpower and ultimately it became part and parcel for each other.
  • The brand built a unique emotional connection with its customers that also brought innovations. It not only helped to generate a pleasant environment for manpower of the company but also ensured customer satisfaction and made our brand pioneer in sales. The company’s reserves and resources started to boost when our own customers became our advertisers. They started referring Ningbo Easyget’s quality products to their friends and families and the brand expanded overnight. But one thing from day one that was never compromised was the quality and reliability of products.
  • The brand is now offering its services in 25 countries which is the ultimate result of constant improvement and product quality, and customer services. Now anyone can reach the brand anytime as the brand has a smooth access system for customers.
  • By overcoming all the challenges, the export company built a great reputation and considered the customers' reviews. There are many things that the company has started and later it became the identity of the company among its competitors and customers.
  • The company exports a large variety of long-lasting and reliable products all over the world according to demands. The company learned the art of customization as existence without it is impossible. Due to varying time zones, worldwide time management and provision of 24/7 services were also ensured.
  • Over time, the company has launched new technical innovations such as Robotic process automation (RPA). It boosted the company’s performance in repetitive jobs and other particular tasks. Bots are now helping the staff in providing 24/7 uninterrupted services. To build trust and to provide customers with a safe environment Ningbo Easyget started to teach its customers, whether the platform is legitimate or not and whether their personal data is in safe hands.
  • The brand is so innovative in the provision of a large variety of products, not only products but also, tools, technologies, campaigns, communities, apps, and web addresses. After sixteen years of great reputation and a successful career in the international market, Ningbo Easyget has now become one of the largest manufacturers and exporters after years of innovation and development.
  • The brand is aiming to continue its amazing services in the future. Integrity, the best quality of products, excellent customer services, customer trust, and confidence in the brand are core values the brand has earned in a comparatively short period of time and are the actual success of the company.
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Over 15 years ago,Ningbo Easyget Co.,ltd has established its business as a general manufaturer&exporter. To date, we are now one of the top manufactors and exporters across the region.
Equipped with hardworking and a highly Intelligent staff that could run the business even in the online world.
Committed to be more detailed and sensitive in all our products.
Having manpower truly specialized and well trained that give excellent output and satisfaction to customers.
Meticulous in every detail.
Now produced a high end and first-class products that suits every customer need.
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Ningbo Easyget Co., Ltd. establish business as the general manufacturer  exporter. Today one of the top manufacturer and exporters across the region.




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