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How to choose solar garden lights

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How to choose solar garden lights

With the increasing use of solar street lights in rural areas, many people also want to buy a solar garden light to install in their hometown yard. But there are many kinds of solar garden lights in the market. I often don't know which one to buy. They have different shapes and different power, and their prices are also different. Since the prices are different, how do we choose solar garden lights? First of all, when we buy anything, we'd better understand its product first.

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Solar garden lights

Judgment method

Solar garden lights

The main structure of solar garden light is composed of a solar panel, battery, and controller. It uses solar radiation as the energy source, using the solar panel to charge the battery during the day and controlling the battery to discharge the light source at night. Because solar garden lights are installed outdoors, and some are also installed indoors, the structure will generally consist of components. Split type means that the solar panel and the light cap are separate. When we choose solar garden lights, we can use the following simple methods to judge.

Judgment method

First, visually look at the solar panel. The larger the size of the solar panel, the higher the power and the higher the charging efficiency. However, there is also a monocrystalline solar panel that has a higher charging efficiency than a polycrystalline solar panel, and the size will be a little smaller than a polycrystalline solar panel for the same power. Professionals can also see the label on the back of the solar panel, which generally indicates the power.

Next, you can look at the connection line between the solar panel and the light body. The thicker the connection wire, the smaller the voltage drop, but the corresponding higher the cost.

According to the battery and capacity used, solar garden lights generally use lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have a longer life and are safer. In addition, the larger the capacity of the battery, the more power will be stored and the lighting time will be extended accordingly. However, the battery is usually installed inside the light body, which is difficult to see. This can only be judged by the weight. The larger the battery capacity, the heavier the headlamp will be.

Finally, it is recommended that you try to choose better quality solar garden lights, especially for villa courtyard and hotel courtyard lighting, because poor quality lamps and lanterns are prone to problems, such as short brightness time, insufficient battery capacity, rusty components, etc., which affect the user experience.

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