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How to choose a Shade Sail?

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How to choose a Shade Sail?

Spring is here, the flowers are red and green, it is a good time to go out for spring, in their own small patio can also sit and drink tea, invite three or five friends to a small gathering, no longer afraid of the cold winter wind. But the sunlight is getting stronger and stronger, and the damage to the skin from UV rays is increasing, so how can you effectively block the sunlight? Today we recommend ------ Shade Sail.

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What is a Shade Sail?

How to choose a Shade Sail?

What is a Shade Sail?

With the increasing popularity of Shade Sails, the original widely used sunshade awning and sunshade umbrella have been slowly replaced. Different from the traditional and heavy umbrellas and awnings, Shade Sails show a modern and simple temperament. Shade Sail is formed by using polyethylene (HDPE), UV stabilizer, and anti-oxidation treatment of sunshade tools, with strong tensile strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, lightweight, and other characteristics. If you do the lamination treatment on the ordinary Shade Sail, you can do effective waterproofing. The Shade Sail can be recycled and can effectively block 90%-95% of UV rays. Taking into account personal preferences, Shade Sails are also available in a variety of colors. Vivid red, bright yellow, deep blue, soft purple, or if you don't like such a single color, you can also choose some mixed colors or use different colors of Shade Sails.

How to choose a Shade Sail?

Shade Sails for home use or for scenic spots need to take into account the shaded area. According to the size of the shaded area, you can choose different models and sizes of Shade Sails. Generally speaking, the common models are triangular Shade Sails and quadrangular Shade Sails. The specific size depends on the size of the overall space. Small space and large size Shade Sails do not match, and large space and small size Shade Sails may not match. Take the triangle Shade Sail as an example, plant trees and vegetation in the backyard, use the triangle Shade Sail to open up a shade, in the hot summer to give yourself and do not like the exposure of plants a piece of cool, small triangle Shade Sail can be completely and house building and green vegetation integration, both can be close to nature, but also do not have to endure the hot sun. At leisure, in this small courtyard more books or about two or three friends to meet, drink and talk, physical and mental pleasure. Small triangular Shade Sails are also excellent for use by the pool. Enjoy the coolness of the pool at the same time, but also do not need to worry about the UV damage, not to mention how pleasant!

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