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Extra large Cool Outside Shade Sail

  • High Quality Material:This sunshade is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), which has excellent heat resistance and is highly durable. The sun shade is good and allows the light to pass through
  • Superior UV Protection:Shading the sails can reduce UV rays by about 90%. Blocks out direct sunlight and provides moderate ventilation at the same time to enhance the atmosphere of your home
  • Features: It can block the hot sun in the middle of the summer and prevent sunburn on your skin and deterioration of your furniture and floors. Blocks sunlight and prevents sunlight from escaping outside. Meet the demands of sunscreen insulation
  • Easy Installation:Each corner of the sunshade sail has a D-ring design that is easy to hang and very stable. Easy and safe installation using rope or fixing kit
  • Sunscreen Saille: It can be used in a wide range of places such as verandas, courtyards, villas, balconies, gardens, entryways, pantry, pool, pergola, garden, etc
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Extra large Cool Outside Shade Sail

If you want to create a comfortable shady area, this net will create a cool area for you, your family, pets, or your garden.

Material: HDPE
Package Includes: 1 Shade + Accessories
UV protection
Shade fabric uses UV treatment, blocks approximately 95% of UV rays, and blocks approximately 90% of light This sunshade can protect your skin from UV rays while enjoying the warm sun. Excellent breathability to wick away heat and create a comfortable environment with cool and bright wind. Thanks to that, you can expect to save energy from air conditioners and other energy.

Where to Use: 
Suitable for verandas, gardens, kennels, barbecue areas, decks, garbage collection areas, swimming pools, gardens, camping, outdoors, climbing, cycling, fishing, or anywhere you need a little shadow or privacy

1. Remove and store in a safe place in strong winds. It may lead to accidents that may damage the structure or the main unit being installed.
2. Keep away from fire. It may cause burning.
3. Clean with cold water. Not machine washable.
4. There may be a little deviation in the dimensions due to the sewing products.



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