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Waterproof LED Solar Work Portable Flood Lights (ESG18446)

Durable and portable15W 48LED super bright light, outdoor work lights with 2 modes: long bright white light and Warning SOS.Built-in 3000mah high-quality 18650 lithium battery rechargeable work light, longer life (up to 6 hours!) Portable durable LED work light.

Waterproof LED Solar Work Portable Flood Lights 


Light color: white
Color temperature: 6500K
Material: PVC
Input Voltage: 5V DC
Battery Mode: 18650 lithium battery*2
Output Wattage: 15W
Total luminous flux (Lumens): 800 lm
Waterproof rating: IP65
Product size: 13.7*3.8*10.3cm / 5.34*1.48*10.3in
Packing size: 11*3.9*16cm / 4.29*1.52*6.24in
Package weight: 0.67kg / 1.48lb
Beam angle: 0°-120°
Charging method: solar or 5V mobile phone charger

  • IP65 Waterproof Work Lights Suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting, can be against terrible weather like a rainstorm, sleet or snow, it is perfect for the workshop , warehouse, factories, docks Outdoor camping, outskirts travel, fishing, car maintenance lighting and other places where lighting is needed and can also be used as a backup power supply for mobile devices

  • Solar Photovoltaic Panel  With its own solar photovoltaic panel, in the case of sufficient sunlight, there is no need to worry about power failure, no risk of power supply, and you can maintain sufficient power at any time.

  • Charging instructions floodlight When using solar photovoltalc charging, please open the handle and place the slde of the photovoltalc panol In direct sunlight. Do not block the photovoltalc panel to avold alfecting the charging offlcioncy."

  • personalized scene applications one -click adjustment of strong and weak light /warning llash/switch/strong light illumination Long press can be stopless dimming, no strobe chango eye protectionto meet personalized scene applications, Car omer goncy, home lighting, camping, farm, adventure, night fishing, night market stalls, rush repalr construction, etc.,



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