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Tire Air Pump with 210psi Pressure Gauge (ESG13238)

Made of high quality material, solid, urdy, durable and good performance.
This Mini high pressure bike pump is designed for inflating bicycle,With pressure gauge, you can control the pressure easily.
300-psi rear suspension and fork suspension. Easy engaged shrader with lever.
Precise-adju button 2-3 psi air pressure control for per push,Scalable design can meet your different needs, makes inflation more easier.
Mini size, easy to carry and ore,Suitable for bike and all your sports balls with needle adapter.
The bike pump is lightweight and portable to be taken. Can deal with accident occasions when your tire has no air. Made of quality materials, the pump is sturdy, waterproof, anti-rust, durable and safe to use. Easy operation and saves energy, with an air gauge to check the inner air pressure for precise inflation.
No valve changing needed, the tube is compatible for Presta and Schrader mouth.
Lightweight and portable to be taken, with a bracket and a strap, can be easily installed on your bike.
Comes with a needle valve, you can also pump for your football or basketball
This mini bicycle pump is automatically compatible with for Presta and for Schrader, no need to change the valve
The pump with a gauge on it, that will prevent damage from over inflation to the tire and are safer to users
Easy to carry and use, it has a high pressure up to 15bar/210psi and can inflate any bike tire
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Tire Air Pump with 210psi Pressure Gauge (ESG13238)Tire Air Pump with 210psi Pressure Gauge 


  1. Maximum Pressure: 210PSI

  2. Valve: for Presta & for Schrader

  3. Features: Portable, Easy to Carry, High Pressure, with Pressure Gauge

  4. Size: 19.7cm x 14.2cm x 2.1cm/7.76" x 5.59" x 0.83" (Approx.)



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