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Mud Wings Deep Groove Bicycle Mudguard (ESG14447)

Mud splash, streamlined shape subsidies stop of reduced air resistance;
Extra width, length and deep groove, fit MTB 24", 26", 27.5, 29"
Constructed by quality materials, unbreakable, use and weather durability;
Front fender with new design in one unit rather than 2pcs in a joint;
Rear fender with two pivoting arms articulating for improved tire coverage and bike fit
Ultra safe quick release mounting system is easily adjustable.
Streamlined shape grants stoppage of mud splash, air resistance reduced;
Keep it clean: Mudguards prevent dirt when riding a bike. The angle between the mudguard and the bicycle tire is adjustable. While enjoying the fun of cycling, keep your clothes and bicycle dry and clean.
Installation location: front tire: just fix the fender to the front fork fender eyelet or bicycle arch, rear tire: the fender is fixed on the back of the seatpost
Simple assembly: easy to install and disassemble. Just use the provided parts and screws to install the mudguard and fix the bracket to the bicycle pole.
Durable materials: Bicycle fenders are made of high-quality materials, light weight and high strength. According to the frame design of the bicycle and the rear suspension, the rear guard plate is installed on the rear seat or the rear frame beam.
Streamlined shape grants stoppage of mud splash, air resistance reduced.
Stay Clean The mudguard protects you from getting dirty when you are riding your bike. The angle between mudguard and bike tire is adjustable. Keep your clothes and your bike dry and clean while enjoy biking fun!
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Mud Wings Deep Groove Bicycle Mudguard (ESG14447)Mud Wings Deep Groove Bicycle Mudguard 


  1. Material: Plastic

  2. Color: Black

  3. Front fender length 600mm

  4. Rear fender length 530mm



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