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How to clean and maintain the solar string lamp?

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How to clean and maintain the solar string lamp?

The solar string lamp looks very beautiful. It uses solar energy as the direct light source. Because the current and voltage are not high, it will not be too bright and dazzling, but also beautify the environment. They create an atmosphere that ensures that your lighting needs are met. So, how to clean and maintain the solar string lamp? Please follow the editor to learn about it!

Below is the content list:

Clean the solar string lamp

Maintenance of solar string lamp

Clean the solar string lamp

1. Clean the interior of the lamp. When cleaning the bulb, turn off the light first. When wiping, remove the bulb and wipe it separately. When directly cleaning the lamp tube, do not rotate the bulb clockwise. This can prevent the lamp cap from being pulled too tight and peeling off.

2. Generally, there is dust in the solar string lamp, so it should be wiped with a wet cloth when cleaning. Move in the same direction without rubbing back and forth. The intensity should be medium, especially for chandeliers and wall lamps.

How to clean and maintain my solar string lamp?

Maintenance of solar string lamp

1. If the lampshade is found to be inclined during cleaning or use, it must be corrected and kept beautiful.

2. Replace the aged lamp tube in time according to the light source parameters indicated on the sign. If both ends of the lamp are red, the lamp is black or shaded, and the lamp is not on, the lamp must be replaced in time to prevent ballast. Combustion or other dangerous phenomena.

3. When adjusting the lampshade, ensure that the Trident bracket of the lamp will not reflect shadows when the lamp is turned on.

4. Do not hang objects above the lamp, such as drying quilts.

5. Reduce the number of switching lights in use, because frequent replacement will greatly shorten its service life.

The above is the cleaning and maintenance of solar string lamps, which I share here. As the voltage and current of the solar tandem lamp are very low, there is no need to worry about the risk of leakage. They are common because they are relatively safe outdoor lighting. It can be seen in the courtyards, parks or other public places of the city.

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