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7-IN-1 Car Washing Travel Equipment Cleaning Kit Tools (ESG13053)


1. Made of high quality soft wool chenille Dust particles can be effectively and quickly removed in the fiber from the openings
2 it can clean a large area so you can save cleaning time
3 has a strong foam and is easy to use
4.Soft and delicate sponge will not hurt the car safe use
5 durable strong water absorption


Give a little water before brushing the wheel, so the stain is easily smoothed out.
2 When I use special brush we still haven't touched!
Good cleaning 3.After the water is hot, brush the wheel on the left side - Clean the dry water marks from the fabric of the wheel is shiny like new

7-IN-1 Car Washing Travel Equipment Cleaning Kit Tools 


Window cleaner:

Material: Plastic + Silicone
Effectively reduce the workload, easy to receive practical, effectively prevent ordinary cotton towels, it is easy to collect the risk of flocculant and scratch the car paint.
Features: Good water absorption strong detergency no hair removal easy to clean and long life does not fade super soft
Material: High quality engineering plastics
Features: Convenient no damage to the surface
Scope of application: car home
Function: Clean the surface of dust
Double brush ventilation head:
Material: PP microfiber

Products include:

7pcs car wash tool

  • Portable car cleaning kit set. All you need is here, a complete car cleaning set. Keep your car clean and well maintained with our multi-purpose cleaning kit. Very convenient to use, it has a handy size that comes with a portable kit bag.

  • This car cleaning tools are made of durable and soft materials. It won't scratch your vehicles. This applied on different parts of the car.

  • This has double-sided fiber microfiber wash mitt, microfiber cloth with handle for dusting, microfiber wash sponge for applying wax or other car care, window water scraper, car wheel brush, small brush for small details of the car. It can be applied to almost all auto parts, car surfaces, vents, leather car seats, windshields, doors, windows, wheels, etc.

  • The car cleaning kit storage bag size is 12x8x4 inches; includes 1*microfiber cloth (27.5'' x 11.8 ''), 1*microfiber wash sponge, 1*window water scraper, 1*car wheel brush, 1*PP Detail Brush, 1*Small wax brush

  • The storage bag has a reflectorized design for easy to find. This can also be a perfect gift or give away for relative, friends or colleagues.

  • Description:
    7PCS Car Cleaning Kit
    1*microfiber cloth (27.5'' x 11.8 '')
    1*microfiber wash sponge (9.5" x 5.1")
    1*window water scraper (11.8" x 3.7"6
    1*car wheel brush (10.2" x 2.7")
    1*PP Detail Brush (6.3" x 1.2")
    1*Car dash duster with handle (8.7" x 13.4")
    1*Portable storage bag (7.9" x 3.9")



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