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360degree Bicycle Mirror Wrist Band (ESG13234)

High Quality Material: Our bike side mirrors is made of quality plastic material, which is sturdy and durable, safe and eco-friendly. Is very versatile and suitable for people who commute to and from get off work by bike. (Please remove the plastic protective cover from the mirror before use.) Riding Safety: This bicycle mirror adopts a convex mirror design and has a wide field of view. This mirror allows you to understand the surrounding environment while riding, you can see the road behind without turning your head, which can make your riding safer. Adjustable & Rotatable: Rearview mirror with wrist strap, 360 degree retotation, you can easily get the viewing angle you want by rotating, convenient to use. The wrist strap is a magic strap, which can be easily adjusted in size. Innovative Design: Unique fashionable wrist mirror, designed for wearing on arm, don't need to place on the bike. Just put it on the arm to get a good sense of rear vision. No need to wear a mirror on the helmet that can cause dizziness or annoyance, or worry about being unable to use the handlebar mirror. Comfortable Wear & Easy To Use: Our bicycle rear view mirror made of high-quality breathable strap material, light weight, small size and easy to wear. It is very comfortable to wear when riding a bicycle, and it only takes a few seconds to put on and take off. A rotatable mirro with a flexible,wide plastic housing & universal armband 2-year UV resistance,waterproff & weather-resistant. Non-Flexible, Slim Housing,Two side Velcro provides free angle.Please take off the plastic mirror cover before use. Since it isn't mounted on the handle bars it is not subject to vibration,it doesn't make the image useless.You haven't to move your head or body to see what is behind you. The cycling mirrors is lightweight,Interchangeable with the St-18 universal camera mount. This wrist nand nike mirrors ideal for bicycle commuters,road bike riders,mtb,recumbent rider and more!
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360degree Bicycle Mirror Wrist Band (ESG13234)360degree Bicycle Mirror Wrist Band 


  1. Rearview mirror with wrist strap: 360 degree retotation

  2. A rotatable mirro with a flexible,wide plastic housing & universal armband: 2-year UV resistance

  3. The cycling mirrors is lightweight,Interchangeable with the St- 18 universal camera mount.

  4. Pakage Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.81 x 3.91 cm; 41 Grams



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