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2PCS Soft Knee Pads with Adjustable Elastic Band (ESG11997)

SOFT KNEE PADS: Made from high quality EVA foam to cushion the knees and protect the surface from scratches. Knee pads are light but durable, and you hardly feel like you are wearing them.
PROTECT YOUR KNEES: With a garden knee protector you can use every part of the garden or any other surface such as cement, brick or hard soil. Use it to protect your knees from injury.
COMFORT: With a flexible, elastic rubber strap that fits the knees, these pads are securely held in place without irritating the back of the legs.
ADVANTAGES USE: Suitable for cleaning floors, gardening, painting, yoga and other activities. A ribbed wear protector prevents slipping and scratching the floor on a smooth surface.
THE IDEAL CHOICE: For men and women who want to work comfortably in the garden, this is a good choice.
With easy-to-adjust hook and loop straps, you can quickly put on or take off the pads. No cumbersome buckles or loop closures.
Contoured to fit around the knees with a flexible and elastic neoprene strap. These pads stay in place comfortably and securely without irritating the back of your legs.
Perfect for kneeling when cleaning floors, gardening, painting, yoga, and more. The abrasion-resistant, ribbed protective shell prevents slipping on smooth surfaces and scratches on the floor.
Made with an ergonomic thick EVA foam cap to cushion your knees and protect surfaces from scratches, these pads are strong enough for real work, yet light enough that you will barely know you are wearing them.
Model No: ESG11997
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2PCS Soft Knee Pads with Adjustable Elastic Band (ESG11997)2PCS Soft Knee Pads with Adjustable Elastic Band 


  1. Item Type: Kneepads

  2. Size: 19 * 15 * thickness 1.3cm

  3. Condition: New



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