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Why do we use luggage tags?

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Why do we use luggage tags?

Traveling can be hectic, especially when flying. You have to get to the airport early, go through security, and hopefully the airline doesn't lose your luggage along the way. Fortunately, thanks to the luggage tags, there is very little chance of your luggage being misplaced. They provide airlines with important information to help you recover your lost luggage.

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l What is a luggage tag?

l What is the history of luggage tags?

l Who invented luggage tags?

What is a luggage tag?

A luggage tag is a form of identification for your luggage. Whether you're traveling by boat, train or plane, your luggage is likely to be tagged accordingly. There are three main reasons for using luggage tags:

Help passengers identify their luggage on the luggage carousel.

Prove that one person did not steal someone else's luggage.

Track lost luggage.

Overall, luggage tags make travel more efficient. They make sure your luggage gets to the right destination, which means less worry on your next trip!

What is the history of luggage tags?

Before airplanes, people used to travel the world in large steamboats and label their belongings with paper tags. However, ships primarily use them for advertising and to differentiate each passenger's social class.

What is the history of luggage tags?

Once air travel is available, drivers take passengers to the side of the plane with luggage. Flight attendants then loaded luggage directly from the car onto the plane, and tags were not required until the 1920s. As air travel becomes more affordable for the public, drivers cannot keep up with the growing demand. Baggage tags became a necessity, so airports adopted their own tags and added an extra line to include the weight of the bag.

luggage tag

By 1992, paper labels were beginning to be replaced by digitally printed labels. These are more effective in preventing luggage loss. Each label is barcoded for scanning at each checkpoint. So if your bag is lost, the airline knows exactly where and when based on the tracking information.

Today, you can travel in style with your own custom luggage tag. You'll get the convenience of airline barcode labels, plus barcode labels that make your luggage stand out!

Who invented luggage tags?

In 1882, John Michael Lyons patented the first known luggage "ticket" for a railroad company. The ticket is marked with the name of the station where the ticket was issued, the passenger's final destination and a number that matches the owner's personal train ticket. Lyons used paper as a label and tied it with a string. They are used as receipts to prove that you paid on the train and that your luggage really belongs to you.

Although the use of paper and rope is outdated, luggage tags are still important in travel. They continue to help airlines track luggage and prevent suitcases from being lost or stolen. Small changes like adding barcodes or using more durable materials have already made a huge difference to the overall functionality of modern luggage tags.

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