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What types of shade sails are available?

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What types of shade sails are available?

Shade sails are an easy and affordable way to shade your deck or patio and add a pop of color. Here's what you need to know before you buy.

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Types of shade sails

Advantages and disadvantages of shade sails

Types of shade sails

A shade sail is a deck or patio covering made of durable outdoor fabric that provides protection from the sun. It is considered to be a more affordable and versatile alternative to hard structural roofs. shade sails come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any style of backyard. The main benefit of shade sails is sun protection. Most shade sails can block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays. Depending on the weight color and tightness of the weave of the shade material, UV absorption can vary, but the difference is usually less than 5%. In addition, shade sails are also useful for blocking rain. However, it is important to know that shade sails are not absolutely waterproof. Light rain can roll off the sail, so it is important to install it at an angle. In a downpour, water will drip down in the shade because the shade sail is made of a breathable woven fabric that allows air to pass through and keeps the shaded area cool. If you want complete protection from the rain, look for shade sails that are specifically classified as waterproof.

Typically, shade sails come in three shapes of triangular, square, and rectangular. But the combinations of styles, installation techniques, and colors are endless. Triangular shade sails offer the least amount of coverage but can easily squeeze into awkward or tight spaces. You can also stack multiple shades for even more coverage.

Advantages and disadvantages of shade sails

Before buying a shade sail, consider its pros and cons.


l Versatility. Thanks to the many mounting options and shapes available, shade sails can work almost anywhere.

l Breathable fabrics allow a cool breeze to blow through the shade, helping to lower the temperature in shaded areas, sometimes by 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

l Provides UV and rain protection, or if you purchase the waterproof variety, complete rain protection.


l Installation can be tricky for the average person.

l The shade sails themselves may be affordable, but if you need to install them and hire a professional, the price can go up significantly.

l Shade sails have a lifespan of about 8 to 10 years. However, this can increase or decrease significantly depending on the weather in your area. If the shade is subject to frequent high winds, it may deteriorate more quickly. Some shade sails can withstand snow loads, but snow may stretch the fabric and deteriorate it over time. In snowy climates, most manufacturers recommend that shade sails be left down during the winter.

l Shade sails should not be installed over outdoor cooking areas. The heat and chemicals from the smoke can damage the fabric.

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