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What is the difference between three-season tents and four-season tents?

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What is the difference between three-season tents and four-season tents?

With the improvement of the consumption level of residents, more and more people choose to travel as a way of recreation. The common leisure tent includes a three-season tent and a four-season tent. The three-season tent is suitable for spring, summer, and autumn, while the four-season tent, like his name, is suitable for four seasons. These two types of tents are different in some other aspects besides the time of use. In this article, we will briefly introduce their differences for readers to refer to when choosing a tent.

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Introduction of a three-season tent

Introduction of four seasons tent

The difference between three seasons tent and four seasons tent structure

Three seasons tent

Three-season tents are usually lighter and are generally used in milder climates in spring, summer, and fall. Three-season tents can usually perform well in rain and wind, but the design features also make them difficult to cope with excessive snowfall. If a three-season tent can barely support 5.08 cm of snow on top of it, when the snowfall reaches 50.8 cm, you're definitely in trouble. Three seasons tent has another feature, it has a certain ventilation design, in order to meet different needs, generally will be designed as a double tent, divided into the internal and external tent, the inner tent has a full card screen inner tent, half card screen inner tent, internal and external tent some can also be used separately, so as to meet the different needs of the spring, summer, and autumn.

Four-season tent

Four-season tents are stronger and usually have one or two additional support poles to make the support system withstand stronger winds or thicker layers of snow. Winter tents are often designed with a sleek dome shape to minimize the flat areas on top of the outer tent and prevent snow build-up. Of course, these tents are also suitable for relatively mild weather conditions. It's just that the extra weight of their extra support poles makes them a little heavier than three-season tents.

Convertible tents are four-season tents that can be adjusted to three-season tents. Adjustments are usually made by removing 1 or 2 support poles from the tent's support system, and by providing removable ventilation components in the design that can be removed or opened to enhance ventilation in mild weather.

The simplest form of tent is the single-layer tent. Basically, this tent is just a piece of rain cloth with several vents held up by poles that can be unzipped to enhance ventilation in warmer weather.

The difference in structure between the three-season tent and a four-season tent

Most of the four-season tents have a rounded spherical top design, which we call dome type. The dome avoids a flat surface at the top of the tent and is less likely to accumulate snow, and this design also provides better wind resistance and a high enough interior space. The three-season tent adopts the design form of the camping tent. This form of tent bottom is rectangular, tent body is narrow, in a long shape. The support poles and fabrics used in the camping tent are less, and the overall shape is wedge-shaped. But its top surface is flat, easy to accumulate snow, once encountered strong snowfall is easy to cause the collapse of the tent.

The dome-type tent is often self-supporting, which means that it does not need additional stakes or pegs to support it on its own. You can easily lift and shift such a tent, just like carrying a big inflatable balloon, and you can also easily shake, fling or slap such a tent to shake off the dirt on it before disassembling and packing.

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