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Waterproof Outdoor Camping Air Inflatable Tents (ESG19736)

Name: Air InflatableTent

Weight: about 20kg (including accessories and storage bag)

Size: 300x210x200cm

Packing size: 74x42x39cm

Tent outer material: cotton blend

Zipper material: heavy duty zipper

Chiffon Material: Polyester Chiffon

Tent bottom material: PVC composite cloth

Air tube material: PVC

Suture material: Expansion line

Accessories: wind rope * 4 / steel nail * 16 / storage bag

Colour: Beige
Cotton Inflatable Tent Cotton Series Fabrics have been specially treated with mildew resistance, which can be water-repellent and breathable Reasonable balance, comfortable, and not stuffy (not recommended to use in the rain for a long time).
Detail display with mesh doors and windows, PVC filled pipes, double-layer mesh, ventilation windows, reinforcement, wind rope, webbing, three-dimensional ventilation, mesh windows, basic parameter information

Net: Polyester mesh Bottom tent: Wear-resistant PVC composite cloth
  • OB2YTD

Waterproof Outdoor Camping Air Inflatable Tents 


Construction Steps:
  • Flatten the tent, lay the ground nails at the four corner anchor points at the bottom of the tent, and install the pump.

  • Adjust the valve of the air nozzle of the tent to the closed state, connect the pump and inflate to the green area of the barometer pointer. There are 2 inflatable nozzles that need to be pumped up.

  • Insert other ground nails, pull open the wind rope and fix it properly. Storage bag body + trachea + air rope pump steel nails

  • Fabric: 210gsm65%35%Polyester Cotton TC Cotton Beige

  • Water-repellent, environmentally friendly, breathable, mildew-proof, waterproof 1500+

  • Bottom: 550gsmpvc waterproof 30000+

  • Structure: The bottom and the body are connected with large windows on the left and right sides.

  • Front and rear doors, lattice windows on both sides of the door, equipped with window screens

  • Inflatable pipe: puncture-resistant TPU inflatable pipe, which can pass the European standard.

  • Bag: 210gsm polyester cotton (tent fabric)

  • Wind rope: φ6mm beige with fluorescent wind rope

  • Wind rope piece: longest side 7.5cm

  • Zip: Same beige SBS slider zipper

  • Size: 300*210*200cm

  • Storage size: 74*42*40cm

  • Weight: 20KG



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