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The history of the tote bag

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The history of the tote bag

Tot is actually a foreign language, transliterated from the English "Tote", which means "to carry, carry, carry, carry" and so on. The word Tote is taken from the African word "Tuta", which means "To Carry". So, simply put, a tote bag is a large tote bag or shopping bag.

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l The history of the tote bag

l Features of the tote bag

The history of the tote bag

The history of the tote bag dates back to the 17th century, but the word "Tote" did not appear until 1900. In 1944, the American outdoor brand LL Bean produced a canvas Boat Bag, originally designed for rowing enthusiasts, but it won more people's love, and the tote bag boom was set off.

In the 1960s, Bonnie Cashin, then Coach designer, introduced the Cashin Carry tote bag, which subtly blended the handle with the body and added a coin pocket to the front of the bag. Since then, the tote bag has begun to become a personality.

In the 1990s, Kate Spade used elements such as stripes, color blocks, prints, and bows to make tote bags officially enter the field of fashion handbags.

Of course, the fashion wheel has been rolling forward, and the current tote bag has been various in materials, shapes, and hardware, but no matter how it changes, the tote bag is a very basic must-have bag, up to LV, Prada, Chanel and other international first-line brands, down to the roadside stalls, you can find its traces. Classic tote bags, such as LV's NeverFull and LONGCHAMP's Dumpling Bun, are all enduring best-sellers.

Features of the tote bag

First, the space is large, it can hold a lot of things, simple shape and structural design makes the tote bag has a lot of storage space.Second, tote bags can be used not only as shopping bags but also as student bags, travel bags and computer bags.Third, the tote bag is varied and does not get bored.Fourth, tote bags are very durable, because the structure is simple, whether it is leather or canvas material, the general tote bag is very durable. If used properly and maintained well, it is completely fine to use it for several years.Fifth, versatile, tote bag is not a bag designed for a specific thing, its simple shape can be matched with almost any clothing, is a bag that can be carried out of the street without thinking.Sixth, a gift, a high-quality tote bag, will be a very good gift. Because of its practical nature, you don't need to worry about a friend receiving your gift and worrying about whether to give it to someone else or put it on the shelf. And you can also change your mind and wrap your gifts with a tote bag as a gift bag.

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