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Teach you to choose backpack material

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Teach you to choose backpack material

And the material of the backpack is not only leather, even leather, there are many kinds or even multiple layers. Today, let's take stock of the various materials of your backpacks. I'll teach you a pair of insight, and don't listen to the store clerk's fooling around.

Below is the content list:

Real leather backpack

Imitation leather backpack

Real leather backpack

Real leather backpacks are always respected by people in terms of hand feel, wear resistance and texture. But what we don't know is that leather can be divided into seven or eight layers. If the clerk tells you that his backpack is the first layer of leather, and the price is not very high, don't take it too seriously.

Cattle leather hand backpack

Cowhide is one of the common backpack materials, especially the first layer cowhide backpack, which belongs to high-end leather products. Its advantages are clear texture, delicate, smooth and wear-resistant. Moreover, when you press the surface gently with your hand, there are centripetal wrinkles around, indicating that the leather has good elasticity. A good quality cow leather backpack can carry the identity and taste of the owner. In terms of daily maintenance and cleaning, you can use a dry cloth dipped in maintenance fluid to rub and wipe evenly, and then use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust after drying. If it is stained with water, wipe it immediately and dry it naturally.


Compared with cow leather, sheepskin is thinner and softer. Many of them are used in leather backpacks and are easy to wear. Or it can be used for making girls' hand backpacks. The tentacles are delicate and smooth, but they should be taken care of.

Backpacks for daily use should be mainly cow leather backpacks, which are wear-resistant and non-slip, while sheep leather backpacks are suitable for occasions with more face saving projects such as parties and dinners. Usually, you should often go to professional backpack maintenance stores to maintain sheep skins. But for girls, the more precious and delicate, the more worthy to have.

Imitation leather

Due to environmental protection or the scarcity and price of raw materials, many materials on the market are imitation leather, which looks like real leather backpacks, but the material is Pu or artificial leather. In fact, some of their properties are not inferior to leather backpacks, but if they fake leather and pretend to be leather, they are deceived.

Artificial leather

Artificial leather, also known as petition leather, is an imitation leather product made of polyurethane non-woven synthetic leather. It is similar to leather in appearance. It can imitate cow leather and sheep leather, but there are no pores on the leather surface when you look at it carefully, and the leather surface will not wrinkle when you press it hard.

Its advantages are low price, rich colors and various patterns, but it is easy to harden and become brittle compared with leather. It's also a good choice to buy Artificial leather backpacks at affordable prices, but don't buy Artificial leather backpacks at genuine leather prices, it's simply fooled.

PU leather

Pu is an artificial synthetic material. It also has the texture of leather, and is very solid and durable. Now it has replaced artificial leather more and more. It has the advantages of both leather and artificial leather, and is more and more popular.

Many niche brand backpacks are made of PU material, which really deserves special praise. It is very environmentally friendly, practical, and also rich in color and style. With the soft texture of leather, it will not harden and become brittle like artificial leather. Girls may wish to consider choosing backpacks made of this material more.


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