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Stainless steel chopsticks

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Stainless steel chopsticks

For us Chinese, we habitually use chopsticks to eat. It is no exaggeration to say that many people have three meals a day without chopsticks. Not only China, but also Japan, South Korea and other countries have the habit of using chopsticks, so do you really care about such common chopsticks?

Why do you care about chopsticks? Because careful friends will find that the chopsticks will become moldy after a long time. So why do chopsticks get moldy? Because most of the chopsticks we currently use are made of wood or bamboo, when the chopsticks are cleaned, some moisture will remain on the surface of the chopsticks, so it will become moldy over time.

The follow is list:

What should I do with moldy chopsticks?

Replace chopsticks

What should I do with moldy chopsticks?

In fact, there will be a lot of bacteria and some penicillium on the moldy chopsticks. Even after cleaning, some of these molds will remain on the chopsticks, and then enter the human body through diet, resulting in abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases. It seriously affects the health of family members, especially families with children. This safety issue cannot be ignored.

Nowadays, many families are based on the idea of diligence and thrift, and believe that even if the chopsticks are moldy, there is no need to throw them away in a hurry. In fact, there are still remedies for moldy chopsticks. If you find that your chopsticks are moldy, you can soak the chopsticks in water, wash them carefully, and then expose them to the sun for a few days, so that the mold on the chopsticks can be removed. When we usually use chopsticks, we also need to maintain the chopsticks well. After each cleaning, it is recommended not to put the chopsticks in the bamboo tube immediately, because it is easy to keep the chopsticks in a humid environment, thereby increasing the mold of the chopsticks. Probability, in fact, after washing the chopsticks, let them dry outside for a period of time, wait for the chopsticks to dry, and then put them in the chopstick tube.

However, it is recommended to throw away the moldy chopsticks as soon as possible to avoid affecting the health of the family. Of course, if you don’t want to throw them away, the chopsticks also need to be replaced regularly. After all, the quality of various bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks sold on the market is uneven. If the chopsticks are not uniform, there will be various problems after a long time, so it is an essential thing to replace the chopsticks regularly.

Replace chopsticks

When it comes to changing chopsticks, some people will wonder, what kind of chopsticks should we choose? In fact, the choice of chopsticks is relatively simple. There are only a few standards for a good pair of chopsticks. First of all, it should not absorb water, not seep oil, and it will be clean after flushing, and there will be no environment for bacteria to breed. The second is that it is not bulky, slippery, and thermally conductive, and it is very convenient to use. The third is to ensure quality and safety.


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