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Stainless Steel X-Shaped Folding Barbecue Grill Camping Wood Stove (ESG20131)

Sturdy Stainless Steel Material: This folding charcoal grill is a charcoal grill tool made of high heat-resistant stainless steel, made of thick stainless steel, and the shape of the oven body is smooth and compact. The thickness of each oven has been repeatedly tested and adjusted later. High-quality stainless steel picnic tableware is sturdy and has excellent wear resistance, rust-proof, heat-resistant, non-deforming, safe and smokeless.
Reasonable design: This stainless steel barbecue grill is easy to install and disassemble, and it is especially convenient to carry. When the folding charcoal grill is unfolded, the portable charcoal forms a triangular stand to maintain stability when in use. on the floor. The lightweight folding stand design is convenient for transportation and storage. So you can enjoy the fun of barbecue anytime, anywhere.
Easy to fold and portable: The barbecue grill is not only foldable but also small in size and weighs only 6.6 lbs, which is especially easy to carry. It can be folded to save space, and it is very suitable for storing this lightweight folding grill in your small kitchens, logs, and on outdoor occasions, easy to carry anywhere.
Great Outdoor Tools: Portable charcoal grill is for camping, backpacking, wonderful gifts for picnics, parks, gardens, beaches or parties can meet your needs for a variety of smoked barbecues to fully enjoy outdoor cooking of smoking. the most romantic and original flavor.
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Stainless Steel X-Shaped Folding Barbecue Grill Camping Wood Stove 


  • Color: black

  • Product size: 50 x 30 x 40 cm (L x W x H)

  • Product net weight: 3 kg

  • High-quality materials: made of thick food-grade stainless steel



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