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Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi Sprinkler System with Mobile APP (ESG17737)

  • PRICING:Our valve is made of high-quality brass. Which can withstand a high amount of pressure, up to 16BAR or 232psi.
  • AUTO-SHUTOFF:If you have a power outage, the device has an auto-off feature, which can be a money saver and a disaster saver. DC 5V Continuous power via a waterproof connection with a USB cable, minimizes the power consumption. The USB cable is 11.5 FOOT LONG. Create AUTOMATED SCHEDULES: using the app for complete automation of your irrigation need. View usage statistics.
  • The valve has Wi-Fi CONNECTIVITY :which lets you view and control water debit remotely. You connect the smart water valve to a SMART HOME APP. You can remote start/stop the valve as well as control the water debit. If Wi-Fi GOES DOWN , you don't need to worry, the smart valve will also SHUTOFF. When the Wi-Fi comes back, the smart valve will automatically RECONNECT . The default position for smart water valve is OFF
  • MANUAL OVERRIDE :The smart water valve can be manually overridden from the valve button. FAST INSTALLATION and simple, just connect the smart water valve to the power source and follow instructions. Simply long press Smart valve button to start pairing (LED blinking fast)..
  • USABILLITY:This product can be used for turf and plant pot irrigation, courtesy of a Micro-Drip System (which can be controlled remotely from your phone). Is suitable for Home Garden irrigation as well as for Greenhouse Irrigation, Hydroponics setup and any other setups that requires water.
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Smart Water Valve Wi-Fi Sprinkler System with Mobile APP (ESG17737)

  • Wi-Fi remote control: turn on / off from anywhere

  • Independent control: like when the water sensor detects a water leak, use a smart valve to turn off the water-home, kitchen, etc. Real-time device status provided on the app

  • Adjust the water: support the app to adjust the valve position such as open 40% or 70%, from 0% to 100%

  • Application support: free iOS and Android mobile application

Product Dimensions15 x 14 x 10 cm
Wireless standard: 802.11 b / g / n
Timing: set scheduled / countdown timers to turn on / off at a specified time



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