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Sandbag (ESG13198)

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Heavy Duty Sand Bag Training Weight Bag Outdoor Fitness Exercise Workout Accessories


· Training power bag made of 900D oxford fabric, anti-wear, anti-shock, stability an endurance, strong stitching and zipper closure to ensure durability and performance, so this weightlifting sandbag set is strong enough to meet all your requirements.

· The weightlifting training sandbag comes 4 adjustable weight filler sandbags on your choice. One sandbag can store 10lb (4.5kg) of sand. You can easily adjust the weight by adding or removing filler bags to get different intensities between 10lb and 40lb, accommodating a range of fitness levels, this heavy-duty sandbag is suitable for people with multiple fitness levels.

· This fitness weights sandbag is equipped with 8 handles to provide a variety of grip options for your workout. Exercise sandbags are easy to grip, allowing you to concentrate while exercising, and to find force, power and stability. Employ the sandbags to engage your core and target multiple muscle groups in numerous exercises: Lunges, Deadlift, Squat, Burpee, Spider, Overhead press, Hammer curl and many more.

· Use this multipurpose tool to work both your upper and lower body in countless training exercises.

· Develop all over strength, maximum power, and explosiveness These weighted sand bags are made for the roughest and toughest drills.

· Multiple handles allow for versatility and flexibility in your workout.

· The easy to access handgrips allow you to find force, power, and stability in your movement without distraction.

· With four smaller removable weight bags, you can vary the weight from 10-40lbs. Adjust your workout to match your desired intensity for all your endurance drills and exercises.

Full Size of Weight Bag: 48 Cm X 20 Cm X 20cm (up to 40lbs Sandbags)

Filler Size: 19cm X 33cm

Item Weight: 1.01 Kilograms

Color: Black



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