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Portable Stainless Steel Kebab Fish BBQ Grill Basket (ESG12294)

Made of High Quality Stainless Steel, for long lasting use.
The grid gaps are perfectly sized to provide even heat distribution.
With Securing clip, can effectively prevent the situation that food accidentally fall out of the basket.
This Grilling basket provides a generous cooking surface to accommodate foods for 2-3 people.
Ideal for grilling barbecue, kebab, burgers, seafood, vegetable, fish, meat, corn and many more.
Easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Easy to store, with hook, it can hang on wall.
Durable and corrosion resistant, not easy to deform, the quality is guaranteed.
Food grill that allow easy changing of food on the grill. without falling through the grill
Grill basket provides a generous 13.7 x 7.8 cooking surface (detail sizes please see photos) to accommodate meals for 2-4 people
Ideal for grilling hamburgers, steaks, seafood, broiling, roasting vegetables, fish on the grill, grilling meats for roasting, gratin shrimp and other delicate foods
Easy to transport and use. Grid gaps are the perfect size to provide even heat distribution while preventing small pieces of food from falling through the grill
We are absolutely sure you will not regret your purchase you can order right now with complete confidence. It is a perfect gift for your friends and family members who love to barbecue.
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Portable Stainless Steel Kebab Fish BBQ Grill Basket 


FeaturesLarge grill surface ideal for grilling large portions of fish, shellfish and other delicates
Pelobs quickly and easily
Easy to fill food on the grill. Food grill without falling through the cooking grate.
Useful in many applications, be it in the kitchen, barbecue, toasting, baking, in a skillet, or even on a waffle iron.
Removable silicone sleeve that slides easily into hot pans and tote handles, keeping your hands safe.
SpecificationsSilver colour.
Grille size: 13.7 x 7.8 inches.
Material: stainless steel.
Large grill surface suitable for most foods.
1x Package Included1 Grilling Basket



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