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Portable Arm Machine Pulley Cable Machine Fitness Exercise Tool (ESG13307)

  • LAT and lift pulley system support two functional exercise modes(Pull down and Lift up). The detachable handle allows for changing the attachment( Straight Bar and Tricep Rope included). The multiple tool sets allow you to mix and choose your own way to do various exercises, such as Biceps Curl, Triceps Pull Down, Lat Pull Down, Row, Fly and etc.
  • Durable to use - The pulley cable is made of high-quality Nylon rope, the carabiners are made of 304 stainless steel, the pulley is made of heavy duty steel and the straps are made of high-density nylon. All these parts make the arm pulley system sturdy, durable and with great bearing. Capable of holding 220 LBS.
  • Quality loading pin - Includes everything you needs (weight plates not included) to set up a simple pulley cable system for different muscle training targets. Purposed for standard plates and Olympic plates. The metal-coated load pins of 10" long and 0.6"diameter with a diameter of 2.6" at the bottom.
  • Easy to Assemble -Just thread the loading pin through the central hole of a weight plate and connect the sections. LAT and Lift Pulley System can connect to power cage, pull-up bars, beams, and any place where the hanging strap can be installed. Its small packaging volume allows you to take it anywhere you want and suitable for traveling.
  • PULLEY BLOCK LABOR-SAVING DESIGN: The pulley rotate 360-degree prevents the rope from twisting, and smooth roller ensures a good traverse of the rope.
  • SMOOTH SLIDING MUTE:Smooth sliding, high-quality nylon card slot design, mute, enjoy the fun of movement.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE:Flexible sliding pulley with heavy load capacity for numerous application,Loading 200kg.
  • 78 INCH CABLE OF TRAVEL: The long cable length can be adjusted allows for a variety of workouts where you may require longer cable length, such as seated Lat-pulls, Abdominal Workouts.
  • OB2YTD

Portable Arm Machine Pulley Cable Machine Fitness Exercise Tool Home Gym  


  1. The carabiners are made of: 304 stainless steel

  2. Capable of holding: 220 LBS

  3. The metal-coated load pins of: 10" long and 0.6"diameter with a diameter of 2.6" at the bottom



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