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Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Opening Larger Bag Garden Tools (ESG12001)

Purchase includes one Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag. With this bag, you will easily expand the capacity of your 2- or 3-bag collection system/bagger (NOT INCLUDED) to 40 bushels (54 cubic feet)
When the bag is full, you can easily disconnect it from your collection system/bagger and empty out the leaves
Works with most ride-on lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers. Make sure that bag will not make contact with hot exhaust
This bag is assembled from durable polyester fabric with dual drawstring clips, which provide you with a long-term, easy-to-use solution for collecting leaves
Durable yard waste bag made to avoid tearing from surface drag
Durable Material :The lawn mower leaf bag is made of wear-resistant Oxford fabric so it will last through years? use. Please keep the bag in cool place when not in use.
Wide Application :Leaf bag of size 96 x 56 inch is compatible with most riding lawn tractors/ mowers. Provides a fast, easy-to-use solution for collecting leaves.
Super Waterproof :With double waterproof coating inside, it is durable in both indoor and outdoor usage. To protect your weeding machine all year around from the sunlight, rain, wind, dust, leaves, resin, birds, etc.
Easy to Install :Drawstring design makes the installation more reliable. Set the bag into the tractor collection system and tighten the drawstring cord. After leaf collection, please empty out the leaves.
Model No: ESG12001
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Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Opening Larger Bag Garden Tools (ESG12001)Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Opening Larger Bag Garden Tools 


  1. Item Type: Leaf Storage Bag

  2. Name: Cleaning machine leaves handling bag

  3. Size: 92 x 60 x 0.2in



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