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LED Solar Sensor Wall Light Garden Lamp (ESG20510)

  • The lamp works in 3 modes.
  • spread more around
  • Panel size 5.5V, 1W
  • Battery 1800mAH
  • Good quality plastic material, not easy to break.
  • Lumens 600
  • Working distance of 5 meters
  • Solar interaction wall lamp
  • Model SH-100
  • solar cell wall light solar cell wall light
  • use solar energy
  • 100LEDs
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Sensor system
  • outdoor wall lamp garden
  • OB2YTD

LED Solar Sensor Wall Light Garden Lamp (ESG20510)

  • Wall light for fence, corridor, front of the house, or inside the house.

  • Solar cell light. Emergency light.

  • Product description: Install in an area that can receive sunlight to store energy.

  • The ability to store electrical energy from the sun depends on the time of acquiring power.

  • Used on the wall when walking into the house at night or used as a device for burglars as well. Features

  • The light is dimmed, the light is on for about 20 seconds, and the light will dim to brightness. About 50%, the light doesn't turn off, but if the light doesn't dim, the light is on for about 20 seconds and it's off.

  • But both types when there is movement, the brightness will return to bright as before.

  • Product model 3 modes of operation 1. Press 1 time: will light up when people are near and will be automatically turned off when no one is there. Here 2. Press 2 times: will light when people are nearby and low light when no one is here. 3. Press 3 times: The light will continue to shine until there is no power.

  • The use depends on the sunlight to charge.

  • Use LED lamps for a long time and save energy.

  • Charge with a solar system without wasting any expenses.

  • There is a light sensor system. Can turn on and off by itself automatically during the night.

  • Water or dust cannot easily penetrate into the lamp body.

  • The radius is about 5 meters, and the light will turn on automatically when walking through or moving around. After that, the light will go down by itself within 20 seconds.

  • Solar panel:0.55W, efficiency 17% -Battery: Li-ion:3.7V 1200mAh



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