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Introduction of hammock-related accessories

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Introduction of hammock-related accessories

Hammocks are the preferred rest product for many people who love short outdoor trips, and both young and old people can't resist placing a hammock in their yards. The hammock is not just a net or a piece of cloth that looks so simple, it looks very convenient hammock also has many practical accessories. This article will introduce these accessories and their advantages.

Here is the list of contents

Hammock steel frame support

Extension sling with safety lock and climbing buckle hook

Hammock steel frame support

Hammock brackets can be used to support hammocks. If you do not have a tree or a stable pole around to hang your hammock, hammock steel brackets can be very convenient for you. In use, you only need to prop up the bracket and hang the hammock hooks on the bracket at both ends to support the hammock, which is very easy to operate. The following are the advantages of the hammock steel frame bracket.

l Carrying bag is easy to carry: Hammock steel frame stand is lightweight and can be folded into a narrow size, easy to carry, and can be easily used as a rest bed or seat.

l Strong metal base: The entire frame is made of high-quality steel with a delicate and fine powder finish to ensure that the steel frame remains rust and weather resistant.

l Easy to assemble: Only a few parts are needed to assemble the hammock and it is easy to connect the hammock to the base, you just need to hang the end loops on the hooks.

l Foldable form saves storage space: After use, the foldable form of the steel frame greatly helps you save storage space, and you can store it in your home or car.

l Suitable for children and adults: It is suitable for adults, children, campers, explorers, and even unexpected houseguests. The strong supporting metal base ensures your safety when lying or sitting on it.

Extension harness with safety lock, climbing buckle hook

Obviously, the name of the extension sling shows what it does. The sling is made of industrial durable polyester material, which is waterproof and corrosion-resistant, with double stitching for more solidity and can effectively prevent breakage. These extension slings can hold weights up to 1000 kg and provide a safe and durable swing for long periods of time in different weather. The two extension sling set is perfect for tree swings, tire swings, garden swings, porch swings, hammocks, and other product extensions. The following is how the extension straps are installed.

l Place the strap on the branch.

l Place the end of the D-ring through the other ring. Gently pull down and color the straps.

l Repeat step 2 around the tree as appropriate.

l To make the strap shorter, fold the strap over the branch.

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