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Information about hammocks

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Information about hammocks

A hammock is a lightweight and easy-to-carry sleeping device for wilderness activities, and the material used to make it is usually tethered to a tree. For people who love walking outdoors, hammocks can provide a convenient resting experience. This article is intended to provide an overview of hammocks for the reader's reference.

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Introduction to hammocks

Precautions when using hammocks outdoors

The hammock is a kind of military sleeping equipment

Introduction to hammocks

According to the manufacturing, material hammocks can be divided into cloth hammocks and rope net hammocks, etc. Cloth hammocks are usually made of thin canvas or nylon cloth sewed together, and rope net hammocks are usually made of cotton rope or nylon rope. The rope net hammock is especially suitable in the tropical jungle and hot summer, while the cloth hammock has a wider range of applications and can be used in all seasons except for the cold areas and winter. hammocks are mainly used for people to travel or for leisure time sleeping tools.

Precautions when using hammocks outdoors

Rainproof: Prepare a piece of the plastic film slightly longer than the hammock and about two meters wide when sleeping in the wild, and place the film"∧" above the hammock when it rains, so that it covers the hammock and can well prevent rain.

Anti-mosquito bites: prepare a piece of gauze of appropriate size, with the same method as the placement of film, which will be placed on the head end of the camper, with a tanning folder to the gauze and hammock together, you can prevent mosquito bites on the head. Use the cotton strip dipped in mirex liquid to tie in a circle on the hammock tether at both ends, or spray mirex directly on the upper and lower ends of the trunk hammock tether to stop ants, spiders, centipedes, and other bugs from climbing into the hammock.

The hammock is a kind of military sleeping equipment

The hammock can be used by soldiers in tropical, subtropical mountain jungle areas camping and sleeping. Prevent the human body from beast attacks and mosquito bites, from rain and groundwater soaking, and ground protrusions of injury. The United States and other countries' army hammocks mainly by the hammock body, end support rod, rod frame, elbow, nylon rope, and other objects composition. hammock body by the sleeping piece, headpiece, foot piece, mosquito net side piece, and top piece and canopy, etc., by Velcro, pull rope ring, etc. combined into a whole. Production materials are generally nylon tape, nylon mesh cloth, nylon rope, and plastic spreader bar. When using, in the distance of at least 3 meters between the two trees, clean off the sharp objects and protrusions after opening the suspension, and will be connected to each part. Some hammocks do not have a canopy, the poncho is combination with the hammock to prevent rain. The hammock is a multi-purpose equipment item. Such as the use of sharpened wooden sticks and spare cable, with a wooden rod into the hammock sleeping piece on both sides of the rod set, that is, become a pair of stretchers. In addition, the hammock can also be used as a simple tent, so in the army hammock is very practical.

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