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How to choose the fabric of the backpack

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How to choose the fabric of the backpack

Throughout the year, girls always have a bag in their hands, which can be said to be a necessary item for going out. We started from paying attention to the appearance and appearance of bags, and now we pay more and more attention to the quality of bags, especially the material. Good material can double the value of bags, with a high sense.

Cloth Backpack

Compared with leather and imitation leather bags, cloth bags appear simple and fresh, giving people a warmer feeling. Although it is not as high-end as leather bags, it will have more changes and a more natural feeling. Especially in hot summer, it is the first choice for girls to go out.


Nylon has always been a popular material. It is light, pregnant and tough. After special treatment, it has waterproof function and wear-resistant. It is especially suitable for making travel backpacks. It can be done in a bag when you go out.

It is also convenient to clean at ordinary times, but pay attention not to carry more weight than its carrying capacity. Moreover, if the surface is decorated with metal rivets and leather materials, pay attention to avoid oxidation and rust when cleaning.


Compared with other materials, canvas bags are more wear-resistant. Nylon will be added to the cotton thread, and a paste shaped substance will be infiltrated into the canvas during the manufacturing process, which can also be used for waterproof. It is now a hot summer, and there are obviously more girls carrying canvas bags in the streets, which makes them look very young and leisure.

Satin bread

Compared with plain canvas and durable nylon cloth, satin bread looks like a charming lady. It feels smooth and delicate, and is very shiny. It looks elegant and fashionable. But it is not scratch resistant, so it is generally used to make dinner bags or wallets, which are suitable for large areas.

On the satin bread, you can also add exquisite embroidery and tassel decoration to make the bag look more delicate and elegant. However, the silk fabric is very soft. When making bags with it, it will be attached to the leather, and the mouth and handle parts are mostly hardware, so it is not suitable for cleaning at home. You should pay attention to its cleaning at ordinary times.

In addition, there are transparent PVC bags and straw bags in summer style. The specific material to choose should be comprehensively considered according to your financial resources, preferences, and required functions, but don't be fooled into high price materials by low price materials. If you can't distinguish the material, choose a well-known brand bag.

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