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How to choose a travel sleeping bag?

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How to choose a travel sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag is one of the essential pieces of equipment for outdoor travelers, a good sleeping bag can provide a warm and comfortable sleeping environment for wilderness campers so that physical strength is quickly recovered. In the previous article we have explained the types of travel sleeping bags and temperature indicators, this article we add to the previous article on the basis of the main points and considerations when choosing a travel sleeping bag.

Here is the list of contents

Step 1: Choose a travel sleeping bag according to your travel plans

Step 2: choose warmth, that is, choose comfort

Step 1: Choose a travel sleeping bag according to your travel plans

While the comfort of your sleeping bag is important, the sleeping bag is the largest piece of equipment in your luggage, so you should first carefully consider the size and compressibility of your sleeping bag. You can start by considering the following aspects.

l How is the travel environment?

l What season do you usually travel in?

l How may face the climate conditions?

Combining the above three aspects, we use the down sleeping bag as an example to provide you with a reference. If you estimate that the weather is extremely bad, you can choose to fill with goose down, down filling capacity of 2000 grams or more, 90% down content, with a partition collar design of sleeping bags. Another example, you will climb 6000 meters in the summer, the estimated camping temperature is -15 degrees, and you can choose 1200 grams of down filling, 80% of the down content of the sleeping bag.

Step 2: choose warmth, that is, choose comfort

The so-called warmth or comfort means that the sleeping bag can ensure your sleeping comfort under what temperature conditions. This indicator generally consists of three data.

l Minimum temperature. Refers to the lowest limit temperature for the use of this sleeping bag, below which it is dangerous for the user.

l Middle temperature. Refers to the sleeping bag use the most comfortable ideal temperature.

l Maximum temperature. Refers to the upper limit of the temperature range, above this temperature, the user will be too hot to bear.

Summer camping, generally with a thin cotton sleeping bag can be filled with about 1kg; but experience tells us that sometimes the hot days may not even use the sleeping bag. In spring and autumn camping, we recommend choosing a cotton sleeping bag filled with 1.3-2KG. 1.3KG sleeping bag is recommended for use in campgrounds with a minimum temperature of about 20℃, 1.6KG is recommended for use in campgrounds with a minimum temperature of about 15℃, and 2KG is recommended for use in campgrounds with a minimum temperature of about 10℃. Most of the above temperatures are used in the envelope-type cotton sleeping bag, the size is wide and comfortable to sleep in; there is no need to choose the more expensive mummy-type down sleeping bag.

If the minimum temperature at night in the campground is below 5 ℃ if you continue to use cotton sleeping bags that must be heavier. Obviously, this would be inappropriate for the concept of outdoor lightweight. At this point you may need a higher compression ratio, better warmth of the down sleeping bag, and also to be mummy type. This time it depends on what the local minimum temperature is, choose a down sleeping bag with a comfort temperature scale comparable to the local minimum temperature or another 3-5 ℃ lower, you can generally spend the night peacefully.

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