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How to carry a tent?

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How to carry a tent?

More and more people choose to use the weekend for a short time to travel excursions, in all the equipment we need to carry out, the tent may be the largest and heaviest one, how to place it well is absolutely important. So, how should we carry the tent when we travel?

Here is the list of contents:

How to carry a tent?

How to clean the tent

How to carry a tent?

Every tent will be sold in a bag, many people are used to putting the tent in it. Not to mention the hassle of folding it properly and putting it in, the tent is often the biggest piece of equipment we have, and the limited space of the backpack, in addition to it, also contains sleeping bags, and moisture mats two big pieces. What's more, many tents are packed in a long tube, so if you are using a smaller backpack, you may not be able to fit it in. Hanging the tent outside the backpack? Seems like a good way to save space, but it's not. This guy can easily give you trouble outside.

The tent is heavy, and hanging it vertically outside your backpack is not easy to tie up unless you wrap it like a palm. In addition, the tent across the road needs to drill the woods, it is easy to be hanging branches, if accidentally then by the branches scraped that you will be miserable. So, what to do? The best way is to give up the manufacturer's design to bring you the restraint - the tent's outer bag to throw away, instead of using a large sleeping bag cover.

When you put it away, you do not have to go to the trouble of stacking it, directly like a sleeping bag to stuff it into the sleeping bag cover, if you want to save the volume of the outside plus a sleeping bag compression bag to press the volume to a smaller. In this way, the sleeping bag from the original long tube is into a ball is put into a backpack, or arranged in the location.

Another advantage of doing this is that haphazardly stuffed up each time the folded position is random, and if simply for the sake of aesthetics only fold it very rule to receive the original tent bag, then each time the folded position is fixed, over time this part is easy to first age. After thetent solution, the rest of the tent pole is much better, it is easy to put it vertically in the backpack, or hang it outside the backpack.

The rougher tent bottom will scratch your hand when stuffed inside, so it's better to fold the inner tent a few times and pad it flat on the sleeping bag in your backpack, which doesn't take up much space. tent poles to the bag against the negative side of this put, not easy to break; outer tent lightly placed on the surface of the items in the backpack, can be waterproof when it rains can be quickly drawn out as a rain poncho, if it is 225 can also be drawn out of the tent pole a load as a canopy or cooking hall. A tent bag can be used as a moisture-proof pad set, the moisture-proof pad, and aluminum thin pad roll together to the inside of a plug and then hang outside the backpack, rest assured that more and save a little money.

Tent cleaning method

1. Tent use after cleaning, maintenance is also very important, it is related to the life of the tent, but also directly affects the use of the future, clean up the tent should be carried out according to the following procedures.

2. Clean the bottom of the tent, and wipe the mud and sand, such as pollution can be used to lightly scrub with water.

3. Dry the tent inside and outside the tent, to be restored to dry and then put away, such as it is too late to cool the tent dry, remember that must not be stored for a long time, so as not to color and mold, a condition, immediately dry.

4. Clean up the mud and sand from the pole.

5. Check thetent accessories and the degree of integrity.

6. It is not suitable to use detergent cleaning products to avoid affecting the waterproof effect.

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