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How do decorate your Christmas with Christmas lights?

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How do decorate your Christmas with Christmas lights?

Warm white 2700K color temperature Christmas lights strings are more popular, like various Christmas deer, cane lights are like warm white decoration. Christmas lights are one of the essential decoration items for every household at Christmas, and the warm and romantic experience it brings makes them not abandoned by people no matter how many years have passed.

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The effect of Christmas lights

How to use Christmas lights to dress up a space?

The effect of Christmas lights

Christmas lights have a lot of dynamic changes in addition to single effects, and gradually, with the addition of the controller, the string of lights will flash. But the flashing effect of the string of lights is usually 10 meters or 20 meters of specifications used more, and single color, or four-color or single-color beads plus a few flash bubbles. Some will also use the full flash of Christmas lights, full flash is divided into rhythmic and rhythmless, each flashing as if the sky is full of stars, and keep blinking. Another is the synchronous change, a large swath of the same color change together, the scene is very spectacular.

Now there are a lot of modeling lights, most of them are changed from the Christmas string lights to the use of string lights to tie a variety of styles of modeling. LED string lights continue to be used for decades, it continues to upgrade. Before the widespread use of LED straight insert beads, divided into concave head, flat head, round head, etc. Later emerged SMD lamp beads, now SMD lamp beads applied to the string of lights appeared copper wire string of lights, better decorative gifts, and other decorations.

How to use Christmas lights to dress up a space?

You can use the following three methods to dress up your room or patio.

l Overlapping method: Make full use of the space by combining and using some furniture part-time to save floor space. Small room space, easy to produce a sense of crowded, you can choose the combination of overlapping furniture, as far as possible against the wall, in order to make full use of the indoor corner area, so that the middle of the room to form a larger open space, easy to indoor activities and traffic to and from.

l Pattern method: visual illusion can often be used to change the correct estimate of the height and size of the space on the walls of different patterns, which will make people in the living space expand or shrink, raise or lower the effect. Therefore, for small rooms, the choice and use of wallpaper with simple small flowers or with a diamond-shaped patterns for decoration, help to attenuate the sense of compression of small rooms to people. 

l Color method: interior color treatment is a decorative means with obvious effect, different colors give people a sense of distance, temperature and weight vary.

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