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How do I use a tent?

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How do I use a tent?

A tent is a shelter on the ground to protect from rain and sunlight and to provide temporary housing. It is mostly made of canvas and can be removed and transferred at any time, together with the supporting materials. The tent is carried in parts and assembled only after arriving at the site, so various parts and tools are needed. Knowing the names of each part and how to use them, and being familiar with the structure of the tent, you can set up the tent quickly and easily.

Here is the list of contents:

How to set up an ordinary tent

Precautions when using the tent

How to set up a tent

The tent is mainly composed of four parts, including the inner and outer tent, tent poles and windproof rope, ground pegs, etc. Various tents are used differently, so let's start with the method of ordinary tents.

First of all, choose the camp, the tent of the inner tent laid flat on the ground (generally the inner tent, but there are some first to support the outer tent in the drill to hang the inner tent), take out the folded tent pole, a section straightened, connected to a long pole, according to the instructions to wear into the tent above the tent pole set, the common tent is cross wear method.

After both poles are threaded. Insert one end of each pole into the small hole in the corner of the tent, and then two people hold the two heads of the activity at the same time, the pole to the top, so that the tented arch until you can insert the head of this side also into the small hole, inserted, the shape of the tent into the tent, the cross of the tent pole with a rope peg, choose the direction of the door, you can fix the tent on the ground. With ground pegs, hook the four corners of the ring into the earth, to let the bottom of the tent stretch out, the whole tent taut. Then hang the outer tent, open the outer tent, the tent on the inner tent, the tent is set up.

Note when using the tent

Note that the inner tent, the door of the outer tent to a direction, the four corners of the outer tent hanging on the four corners of the inner tent, or the four corners of the outer tent are also nailed with nails near the four corners of the inner tent, to see if the outer tent there are hanging rings can be nailed, to make the outer tent also taut, and the inner tent no place to stick, so that if it rains, the inner tent will not be wet. And because of the temperature, the morning outside the tent will be a layer of dew or frost, and the outer tent and the inner tent did not fit, which ensures that the inner tent will not get wet. There are some ropes on the outer tent, which are used to reinforce the tent. There is no wind generally cannot pull, but if you do not feel comfortable best to pull on, but also nailed, several ropes pulled evenly with force.

Up in the morning, if the weather is good, it is best not to immediately close the tent, and slightly dry the tent. If the rain, the home must remember to spread out to dry, otherwise it will mold. Collect the tent first dismantle the outer tent, the inner tent pegs pulled out do not rush to dismantle the tent pole, open the door, the tent up shake, pour off the soil inside, and then placed on the ground, the two poles are taken off ahead, which can be paved the tent, the pole from one end out, do not pull, the pole is inserted, a pull will fall apart. Finally, the tent pole folded up, inside and outside the tent put back in the bag, do not lose the ground pegs.

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