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Golf Putter (ESG16153)

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Golf Putt Trainer - Pressure Putting Training Tool for Indoor and Outdoor Golf Putting Practice Aid


· Foldable and portable - It is small in size, does not occupy space, is easy to carry and store, and the putter is flexible. Therefore, the ball is usually passed back to you when hitting the ball, and immediate feedback is provided according to the situation of the ball. Timely shooting quality.

· Wide range of application - Putting trainer can be carried to any practice space and arena, you can practice at home or in the office. Golf training is no longer unique to outdoor golf courses.

· High quality and durability - The putter trainer is made of ABS material and non-slip rubber. The melt index of ABS is higher than that of PC. Don't worry about it being deformed in strong sunlight.

· Accurate feedback - Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed - great feedback for getting the pace just right.

· Suit for Anyone - This pressure putt trainer is suitable for anyone, whether you are a novice or a professional golfer, this product is undoubtedly the most suitable for golf enthusiasts.

· This training aid is designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting into a real hole on the green by its ground-breaking parabolic curved design. Golf training is no longer exclusive to the outdoor golf course.

· Great putting training tool to auto-return your good putts, reject missed putts and hold your perfect putt. This device can facilitate improvements in your putting accuracy and consistency.

· It has certainly made me more confident on shorter putts. You love it when your balls get stuck in the hole.

· This is a great gift for people who like to play golf. The ball usually returns to you on your misses. So, you don't have to have 5 or so balls to manage.

· Made from high quality, elastomer and translucent polycarbonate. It is foldable and fits into your golf bag.



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