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Fixed Buckle Adjustable Suitcase Belt Luggage Strap Name Tag (ESG14581)

  • Luggage Belt: heavy duty luggage strap, secure closure with quick release buckle ensures safety, the suitcase belt can be adjusted, so the strap will be your luggage's best travel companion for a domestic or air trip free.
  • Belt Size: Belt Length: 100-188cm; belt width: 5cm; Universal strap for 20-34 inch suitcases.
  • Bright Color: Classic black travel straps help quickly identify luggage from the airport conveyor belt within the unique color; save time, make travel happy.

Fixed Buckle  Adjustable Suitcase Belt Luggage Strap Name Tag


  • Adjustable Design: The luggage strap uses a buckle design and is easy to close and change the length. Does not break when folded in or out. Travel without worries knowing your luggage during transport.

  • Size: Belt Width: 2.0 inches (5 cm); Length: Approx. 41.7 - 78.7 inches (106 - 200 cm); Adjustable x Width: 2.0 inches (5 cm); Material: Imitation nylon, pink, orange, green, blue, set of 4.

  • Adjustable Size: The length of the belt can be adjusted from 41.7 - 78.7 inches (106 - 200It can be used in a wide range of ways, from small to large cases.

  • Premium Material: Made of imitation nylon. It is durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Also, the belt buckle is made of environmentally friendly POM material (very good plastic), which is durable and wear-resistant. Long lasting use. Easy to use for students and men

  • Safety: It will fully protect your luggage with the unnecessary message, and prevents your suitcase from suddenly falling out especially during the way you go to a pail desk. Gold luggage tag, very visible. The brightly colored belt makes it very easy to see your suitcase from a distance, saving you time and identifying your luggage quickly.

  • Convenience: One-touch belt: It is very easy to attach small luggage to luggage with wheels, or you can secure your luggage with the strap during travel. Clip and lock for heavy loads quickly and conveniently locks in and unlocks



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