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Extra large Fabric Outside Shade Sail

  •  Water resistant: All edges are constructed with sturdy double layer reinforced stitch seams to prevent frayed edges and shapes. It is sun resistant, water repellent, and tear resistant. It can be easily folded and carried.
  • UV protection: This product provides permanent UV and high sun protection. It protects you and your family from harmful sunlight for a long time. UV protection 90% elimination and 90% shading rate.
  • High quality material: Sun shade sails are made of waterproof polyester cloth with a sunscreen coating that blocks 90% UV and has a good sun protection effect.
  • Easy to install: Measure and clean the area where the shade sail will be installed. Leave a 1.5 to 2 FT allowance between the fixed point and the shade sail to fit the hardware / hook or rope. Due to the curved sides to increase tensile strength and prevent drooping, the actual shading area is slightly reduced, reducing 4-6 inches for each side. Different color sails and sizes of different colors can be installed to get a larger shading area.
  • Suitable for multiple scenarios: This product can be used in courtyards, gardens, swimming pools, carports, pergolas and other outdoor areas. It effectively reduces heat in your outdoor settlement.
  • OB2YTD

Extra large Fabric Outside Shade Sail 


  • Material: Oxford Cloth

  • Shape: Rectangle

  • 90% Shading Rate

  • 90% UV Protection

  • Waterproof


  • Blocks UV rays and up to 90% shade rate.

  • Introduced, wear resistant, tanning cloth.

  • Each corner has a D-ring design, which is easy to hang and very stable.

  • You can use it wherever you need it to install and down.

  • When hanging, you need an angle to drain the water and avoid damaging the product due to excessive water!

  • Suitable for-Garden, Patio, Yard, Picnic, Terrace, Balcony, Swimming Pool, Camping, Carport. 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Sun Shade Sail

  • 1 x Installation Rope (square is equipped with 4 ropes)

Note: Due to the different colors of the monitors, there may be some differences in the product.



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