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Extra large All Weather Pool Shade Sail

  • Perfect Parasol Solution:The parasol sail can provide 90% shading effect and resist 95% to 98% of the light, making your terrace private and safe, cool and wonderful. Shade sails are very suitable for terraces, lawns, gardens, swimming pools, ponds, decks, patios, back door gardens, parks, sandboxes and other outdoor activities. It is your ideal choice for the cool summer
  • Waterproof night light:The night light is made of high quality matte acrylic material, the sphere is more round, the color is pure, the lightening effect is better, the speed of the sun is fast, the frost resistance, the resistance to water, AA battery is powered by a quiet night or party, create atmosphere (awning and light chain are separate, installation is very easy)
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS:Made from 100% brand new UV resistant high density polyester sunshade fabric, with durable stitches and durable stainless steel rings at each corner. Let the cool breeze and light pass through to provide better ventilation and a comfortable space
  • Easy to install:Find your support and fasten the shade sail to them with a rope through the stainless steel ring, the rope is already included in the bag you receive. Install with a maximum tension of 20-40 degrees to ensure runoff.
  • Waterproof:The fabric has been treated with a waterproof coating, which can prevent rain and sun at the same time. It is necessary to tilt the parasol sail to a low point to prevent water from accumulating during installation
  • OB2YTD

Extra large All Weather Pool Shade Sail


  • When you install the shade sail, it complements your yard, lawn or patio.

  • Imagine: outdoor lounges, poolside lounging areas, picnic areas, everything will get better when the air is cool, comfortable and well ventilated.

  • Your favorite summer attractions will get better. For a minimal investment, you can purchase high-quality products to block the sun and soothe the breeze.

  • Hang it wherever you want or move it from one location to another. This is essential for summer life or any time the temperature rises.


  • Shape: triangle / rectangle

  • Material: high density polyester sunshade fabric

  • Number of night lights: 100

  • Filament length: 10M.

  • Bulb diameter: 1.8-2cm

  • Power supply: AA battery power supply



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