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Common problems and solutions when setting up tents the outdoors

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Common problems and solutions when setting up tents the outdoors

A tent is a necessary tool for outdoor camping, and many people encounter some problems when setting up a tent while camping. This article provides a brief description of common problems and their solutions.

Here is the list of contents

  • Setting up a tent on a slope

  • No tent poles

  • The camping site is too small

Setting up a tent on a slope

This is a common situation when climbing the ascent route. In general, it is still possible to find a sloping flat land on the slope, but the key is to sleep at night when the sleeping bag and moisture-proof pad friction is small, people will slide down, on the slope is not able to sleep.


  •  When two people set up a tent, choose to camp under the tent with two trees close to each other, if not move two large stones below, put the backpack in the middle of the tree or stone and thetent, so that when you sleep at night, head up, feet on the bottom of the backpack to sleep, in fact, this way people are half standing to sleep, the soles of the feet will become tired after a long time of support, you can try to sleep on the left and right feet alternately.

  •  If a person is also better solution, choose camping tent side against a tree or stone, put the backpack in the middle of the tree or stone, so that the overall weight of the person side pressure on the side of the backpack, night alternating side sleep can ensure a better sleep effect.

No tent poles

This possibility is that the tent and tent poles are separated, sometimes forget to bring them, or the players with tents and tent poles are scattered, and most often the tent poles are broken and damaged. When you encounter this situation, we should be clear, tent poles are actually poles that give support to several pieces of cloth, if you are not in the snowy mountains, windy weather camping, the requirements are not great, so it is easy to find alternative supplies in the field. The best is bamboo because it has toughness and strength. If you can't find bamboo, use a knife to cut a wooden branch of about the same length and thickness, the principle is to find new branches, not old branches, find wet branches not dry branches, such branches have greater toughness. In addition, the field lightning strike is also a priority. One of the methods is the metal tent pole erected in thetent about ten meters away from the place to do lightning rod, obviously at this time to camp only with branches instead of tent poles.

The camping area is too small

The camping area is too small refers to the camping area being smaller than the bottom area of the tent or too many rocks at the bottom cannot be cleaned. This is a complicated situation and should be applied flexibly according to the geographical situation.

  •  If the bottom is not flat, and there are no thicker mats, it is easy to break the bottom of the tent, in general, you can find dry grass or leaves to fill the bottom.

  •  If the camping area is too small, and cannot be cleaned up, there is no choice but to spread the tent, what place flat sleep what place, the key is not to overhang the bottom of the tent, to avoid pressure broken bottom cloth.

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