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Collapsible Utility Good for Outdoor Garden Waste Bag (ESG12000)

This corner versatile utility ergonomic traditional multipurpose waste bag with zippered lid doesn't take up any space. It helps the environment.
Enjoy this narrow recycle container in your living room, garden, yard, RV, beach, garage or kitchen or at any place indoors or outdoors.

Collapsible Utility Good for Outdoor Garden Waste Bag 


  • UNLIKE OTHER POP-UP CONTAINERS, our 20 gallon size was designed with a narrower opening so it takes up less room and is easier for smaller people to handle. And we made it 25 inches tall, so there's still plenty of storage space inside.

  • VERSATILE AND FLEXIBILE - Perfect for camping, RV's, the beach, parties, and more. Pack your trash out of campsites and other outdoor areas with ease.

  • ZIPPERED LID allows contents to be sealed inside, keeping out dust, dirt, rain and insects.

  • EASY CARRY AND COMPACT STORAGE Folds down from 25" to 2", using hook and loop system on bottom of container. Two handles on top and one handle on bottom for easy carry.

  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION featuring high quality polyethylene and spring steel wire.

  • The receptacle 22-Gallon Trash-Can, its cute modern shape, its resistance, and sturdy materials is a long-lasting outdoor attractive recycling waste-basket.

  • You love this lightweight commercial dispenser which has a durable design. It keeps odors outside. Easy storage and set up.

  • Use this round reusable bin for camping, travel, trip hunting, cookouts, gardening, collecting leaves, hiking, fishing, beach picnic, tailgating, recycling bin, laundry hamper, leaf bag, compost bin or backyard bbq's.



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