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Car Travel Air Bed Outdoor Mattress Camping Bed (ESG20373)

  • Color:White, Black, Blue, Gray, Pink Red
  • Dimensions:52.36"L x 31.89"W x 16"T inches
  • Weight:Capacity up to 1000 pounds
  • OB2YTD

Car Travel Air Bed Outdoor Mattress Camping Bed (ESG20373)

  • FULLY FLOCKED: Premium microfiber airbed, silky soft flocking creates not only a strong, durable outer shell for the bed, but also an air mattress that is: 30% more puncture-resistant, 30% more resistant to abrasion, and has a 30% higher tensile strength. Plus, the microfiber is thermoregulatory, so you won't wake up overheated or cold.

  • 1000lbs Large Load Capacity: Even if the car is pressed from above, it will not break, giving you the best sense of security. It not only offers you an extremely soft touch but is also thick enough to be stable against pressure and shock.

  • Multifunctional Air Mattress: It can be used in your SUV or car as a rest bed, but also can be used as a sleeping mat for camping, picnic, playground, and guests. The air mattress is compatible with most cars, sedans, SUVs, RVs, and trucks on the market. It can not only be used in the back seat of the car but also can be fully inflated and spread out in the trunk.

  • Best Design: After much research and design data on the size, the maximum unfold size (SUV, RV): is 68.5 x 44 inches, and the in-car size is 52.5 x 32 inches. At the same time, it is equipped with 2 pillows, 2 seat cushions, and a 3-port air pump to meet all your needs.



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