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Camping Shade Tent Awning Portable Waterproof Car Tail Tent (ESG16775)

  • Made of high-quality 180T polyester PU coated waterproof fabric, UV-resistant, tear-resistant, water pressure resistant greater than 1200mmW / R, integrated production line technology, higher quality Large space and stable structure.
  • It can be used not only for the side of the vehicle, but also for leaning on the beach.
  • This awning provides a nice shaded area for outdoor cooking, eating and gathering.
  • Whether you are camping, at the beach, picnic, swimming pool, sporting events, trailing, etc.
  • This waterproof shed is ideal for protecting you from the sun, rain, rain and wind.
  • Convenient to Carry: Convenient to carry, no complicated operation is required. Put the product on the car and select the appropriate hook.
  • Firmly, and each stitching line uses waterproof tape to prevent rainwater invasion.
  • Better Wind Resistance: Fit car body, use elastic connection ports, fit car body and have better wind resistance, can be used in various SUV models.
  • OB2YTD

Camping Shade Tent Awning Portable Waterproof Car Tail Tent 


  • Block Ultraviolet Rays: With silver-coated fabric, PU3000, effectively block sunlight and ultraviolet rays, allowing you to better rest in the car, effectively block the rain.

  • Spacious Awning: When the awning is fully opened, the car awning can provide enough shadow for picnic tables and 5-6 people. And it is suitable for various outdoor activities.

  • Rugged and Durable: The car rooftop awning features the anti-tearing Oxford cloth fabric, integrated production line craft, higher quality. Strong metal bracket, strong rope, excellent windproof performance.

  • Quick Installation: Just fix the bracket, fix one end of the awning to the roof of the car, and fix the rope in a proper position.

  • Convenient to Carry: The rooftop awning is easy to fold and store, easy to transport and store, and it will not take up a lot of space for you. Tote bag storage bag, easy to carry.

  • Multiple Purposes: The car awning can be used for vehicles, for SUV, MPV, trucks, hatchbacks and cars, and you can use it as a gazebo. And the awning features larger space and stable structure to be suitable for boating, camping, driving trips, sports events and festivals.

Name: Car Tent
Color: Brown / Black
Material: 190T silver-coated polyester
Size: 160 x 130 x 100cm



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