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Bluetooth Automatic Sprinkler Water Timer for Garden Yard (ESG17735)

  • Wireless Remote Control:Add your smart watering timer to Smartlife app via Bluetooth. Then you can use the device to arrange and monitor your garden irrigationsystem at anytime and anywhere. You don't have to stand in the sun trying to get your sprinklers to work.
  • Auto Rainy Delay:When the sprinkler controller detect that it will rain in the near future, you can use the rainproof function to skip watering for up to 24/48/72 hours. There's no point in wasting water with your sprinklers!
  • Digital Programming:Use the app to create multiple separate watering times per day, schedule watering on specific days of the week, or start watering manually whenever you want.
  • Save Water Bill:A built-in water meter on the app displays how many gallons of water you have used . You'll finally know how much money maintaining your garden or lush green lawn will cost over time.
  • Multiple Applications:Hose timer can be applied to drip irrigation system, micro greenhouse irrigation, garden lawn sprinkler controller, pool filling, mist system and other basic outdoor and indoor watering control systems
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Bluetooth Automatic Sprinkler Water Timer for Garden Yard (ESG17735)

  • 15 Separate Watering Programs - The digital water timer contains up to 15 individual irrigation options which is great to meet your demands like drip irrigation, patio cooling system, lawn/flowerbed/fruits/vegetable irrigation.

  • Durable Waterproof Hose Timer - Equipped with high-quality impact plastic and anti-UV silicone material, the hose faucet timer is tough and IP55 waterproof. The battery compartment with internal silicone ring around keeps this WiFi hose timer safe and waterproof.

  • Irrigation Record & Rain Delay - The sprinkler hose timer tracks your irrigation history up to 7 days. And with this WiFi garden hose water timer you can skips unnecessary watering when the weather forecast rain. You won't have to worry about over-watering or underwater with the timer.

You can use the rainproof function to skip watering for up to 24/48/72 hours
The digital water timer contains up to15 individual irrigation options
Manual Watering:Manual watering without interrupting the programmable watering schedule.



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