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Bicycle Handlebar Grips with Double Lock (ESG16746)

Environmental protection and non-slip rubber material could increase the shock absorption effect and prevent the paralysis and pain of the palms and fingers caused by long-distance driving.
This bike is gripped with high strength and lightweight aluminum alloy binding ring, integrated shape, stable and durable, increase uphill riding efficiency, save physical force and increase speed
The aluminum alloy double lock prevents the handlebar grips from loosening. 110g per pair only. It is not a heavy load for bicycles.
This bicycle grip has a wide field of application, fits any standard straight bike handlebars or stunt scooter such as mountain bikes, folding bikes, dead bikes, etc.
Suitable for 22-23mm diameter handlebars.
Correct your grip posture, the correct grip angle can effectively reduce wrist injuries and protect the wrist joints.
The comfortable ergonomic design makes it easier to ride with a comfortable grip, effectively guaranteeing riding safety.
Many particles on the non slip rubber cover, comfortable ball like design,palm print design, shock absorption and difficult displacement
Practical: suitable for handlebars of any standard straight bicycle or special scooter, such as mountain bicycle, folding bicycle, dead fly bicycle, etc.
Is committed to be an excellent service provider of bicycle accessories. If you have any questions about the bicycle handle cover, please contact us and we will give you the most sincere reply and meet your needs to the greatest extent.
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Bicycle Handlebar Grips with Double Lock (ESG16746)Bicycle Handlebar Grips with Double Lock 


  1. The aluminum alloy double lock prevents the handlebar grips from loosening 110g per pair only

  2. Suitable for 22-23mm diameter handlebars

  3. Package Dimensions: 14.8 x 7 x 3.2 cm; 130 Grams



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