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Automatic Watering Device Timing Function Intelligent Planter System (ESG17729)

AC power supply & Mini Size:10.5*5.8*4.9 cm. Use AC power to run the indoor plant irrigation system. (This plant waterer doesn't include charger.) plant watering also has a digital timer display, a large LCD screen, bright, easy-to-read text and dials. Automatic timing watering device, water your plants any time, up to 10 plants could be watered at the same time.

Two time setting modes: The interval time of this plant watering devices can be set from 1-23 hours or 1-30 days (When turn the knob from 1 to 23, it means hour. When turn the knob from 23 hours to 1, then the DAY lights up and you can turn the knob of the number of days you want.) The watering time can be set from 10 second to 59 seconds or 1-5 minutes (When turn the knob from 10 to 59, it means second. When turn the knob from 1 to 5, the MIN lights up and it means minutes.)

Program setting memory: This automatic irrigation equipment is easy to use, once programmed, the settings will be automatically stored in the internal memory. Even if the power is turned off, customized programs and settings will remain in the memory. No more worry about the pants because of business trip, busy work and travel.

A good helper for business trips, travel/work: The automatic watering device can help you water on time every day, and enjoy the freedom of plants being automatically watered, so that your plants can flourish and grow healthily, solve your daily work, travel and the problem of not being able to take care of plants when traveling, this drip irrigation system makes your life more easier.
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Automatic Watering Device Timing Function Intelligent Planter System (ESG17729)

Size:10.5*5.8*4.9 cm.
Timer Type:Ac Pro
Type:Garden Water Timers

  • Wide ranges of applications: suitable for watering office plants, balcony flowers, flowerbed plants and potted plants.

  • With large power, a system can water about10 or 15 pots of flowers (optional), saving you time.

  • Easy to install: Comes with opening and closing buckles, which can be clamped on the bucket, saving space.

  • The watering interval can be set to once every 1-23 hours or once every 1-30 days. A single watering can be set once every 10-59 seconds or once every 1-5 minutes. Rotate the button to set the program to automatically store.

  • The leaf-drop arrows design can be accurately watered compared to manual watering, making full use and saving water.



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