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Anti Slip Soft Rubber Bicycle Grip (ESG14443)

The Comfortable Ergonomic Bike Grips. Design of TPR ergonomic handle, make your bike riding more comfortable. It can support the whole palm and the thumb, provide the best touch feeling. It relieves pressure when you go on long rides, so your hands will not get cramped or numb. Perfect if you have arthritis.
Extremely Durable Rubber and Aluminum Alloy Material. It's made of premium rubber that will not irritate your skin or get gummy in the sun. Comes with aluminum alloy handle bar end grip, so cool while riding.
Super Simple Installation. It's really easy to install and adjust, only need a small screwdriver. Just about two minutes, you can have them securely installed, and you can freely adjust the angles for your riding preference.
Fit Most Regular Bicycle. Suit for all standard 22.2MM diameter bike handlebar, and product size is about 5.4 x 4.3 x 1.1 inches. Make sure the length of space at the end of the bar is equal to or greater than the length of the bike grip before installation.
A Reliable Brand. PRUNUS is willing to construct a long-lived and high quality brand, we would only provide the best products to you. ( Package Content: Bicycle Handlebar Grips * 1 Set )
Mold-in production, main body in one unit;
Ergonomic design, good fit to palm;
Shock absorption and efficiently disperse compression;
Choice TPR rubber material, no bad smell, comfy to grip;
Patten surface texture for firm grip, non-slip;
Black grey dual color tones give good look.
1 Pair grips
Comfy Bicycle Grips TPR Rubber Integrated MTB Cycling Hand Rest Mountain Bike Handlebar Casing Sheath Shock Absorption
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Anti Slip Soft Rubber Bicycle Grip (ESG14443)Anti Slip Soft Rubber Bicycle Grip 


  1. Material: TPR rubber, aluminum alloy

  2. Washer: 3.5cm

  3. Handlebar plug: 4.3*2.3cm/Piece

  4. Suit for all standard 22.2MM diameter bike handlebar

  5. Size: About 5.4 x 4.3 x 1.1 inches.



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