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3 Pieces (4" /7" /9") Cake Pan Springform Cake Nonstick and Leakproof Cake Mold Set (ESG17486)

Sturdy! durable! Safety! Convenient!: High-quality carbon steel spring shaped pot, made of strong, durable, rust-proof, anti-bending sturdy material, without BPA. Heat-resistant temperature: 482°F (250°C); our pot can work perfectly in a 6Qt or 8Qt pressure cooker. The non-stick coating is safe and healthy, and does not contain irritating chemicals or harmful substances. It is much easier to clean the cake pan. You can use the dishwasher to clean.
New non-stick coating: The newly upgraded non-stick coating allows you to bake a complete and delicious cake, combined with the latest fit and leak-proof design combined with Detachable spring design, easily take off your elaborate cake from the cake mold. Your cake will be always perfectly shown.
Affordable bakeware set: The Springform Pan Set includes 4 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches round baking pans and 150 PCS parchment paper liners. You can make three sizes for multiple times: pies, cheesecake, desserts, mousse cake, ice cream cake and so on. Bakeware three piece set can help you complete economical and affordable baking DIY at home.
Convenient manual latch: Cake pans with a quick release latch on the side that easy to opening and closing the detachable pan collar. This unique feature allows you to shape the cake more easily and you can take out the complete cake just baked by opening the release latch. This is a breakthrough feature for traditional baking cake pans.
Uniform heating design: These linings can be used in conventional ovens, rice cookers and microwave ovens. Cheesecake Pan liners are waterproof & oil proof but will allow food vapor to pass through, enhancing the taste. More uniform, this design will make the taste of the cake softer.
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3 Pieces (4" /7" /9") Cake Pan Springform Cake Nonstick and Leakproof Cake Mold Set 



carbon steel
Temperature range
482°F (250°C)


Round Spring form


3 Pieces
4 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches



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