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12 in 1 Portable Multi-Tool Mini Pocket Hammer Outdoor Survival (ESG15457)

ALL IN ONE TOOL HAMMER - 12 in 1 for men, including mini hammer, pliers, wire cutter, utility knife, serrated knife, saw, file, flathead screwdrivers, Phillips screwdrivers.
The collapsible portable hammer comes with a heavy-duty nylon pouch with belt clip. Suitable for daily use.
The Safety Locking Hammer Multi-Tool, Full-Lock features mean each multi-tool will lock when fully open, keeping you and your tools safe in place.
The survival hammer is made of hardened 3CR13 stainless steel with a black alumina coating.
Ergonomic design that makes it ultra resistant. 3D machined grip texture provides a reliable non-slip grip.
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12 in 1 Portable Multi-Tool Mini Pocket Hammer Outdoor Survival 


1. Nut twisting: Flat grip pliers for tightening or pulling nuts.
2. Wire cutter: To cut the wires.
3. Hammer: To hammer nails or use as an emergency hammer.
4. Nail claw: To pry nails/screws.
5. Wrench: Pipe gripping pliers for tightening or pulling nuts.
6. Serrated Knife: Serrated blade for brushing bark or cutting through seat belts, rope, webbing, and other fibrous materials.
7. Metal File: Nail file, unique cut mill pattern for light material removal. Flat file tapered in width and thickness for general material removal.
8. Slotted Driver: Slotted screwdriver for twisting screws.
9. Wood saw: Saw blade, superior design to reduce friction and binding with Japanese pull-cut cutting. Easily saws wood, bone and plastic.
10. Bottle opener: Closer to daily life. Convenient and practical.
11. Phillips Driver: Phillips screwdriver to twist the screws.
12. Sharp knife: To cut the ropes or open the box.



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