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12 Pieces Bicycle Spoke Skins Reflector (ESG14437)

Spoke Skinis a very Durable material.When you install the spoke skins,you do not have to worry that it will fall off. The spoke skins are Tightly Stick to the spokes, and even when the wheels are running at high speed, it does Not Fall Off.
The package is contain 12 pcs bicycle spoke skins, size: single length 8 cm , Inner diameter: 1.9-2.4mm outer diameter: 5mm.
The spoke skins are Cut by Professional Machines,so it can be Open.You just need a pair of scissors to trim the length of your bike spokes.
Spoke warps Fit for more bikes…from 8" Toddler bikes to 24"Adult bicycles.such as BMX/Freestyle,Mountain bike,Road bike,Folding bike,Kids Bike,Touring bike,etc.

MATERIAL:The spoke tube is made of abs plastic,and the reflective film is attached to achieve a reflective effect.The material is light and strong,which can not be trimmed.It is easy to clean,and can be washed with water, or wiped with wet wipes,also it can be reused.
INSTALLATION METHOD:First insert one end of the bike spoke skins wraps into the bicycle spoke,and then gradually press it down with your thumb until it is fully embedded,also you can adjust the position up and down. The spokes will not fall off easily after installation.
MULTI-FUNCTION:Bicycle wheel spoke reflector will reflect light when irradiated by light,which plays a great role in the safety of cyclists.It can also play a role in decorating the bicycle,which can protect the bicycle spokes and hide the rust.
THE REFLECTIVE SPOKE ITSELF CANNOT EMIT LIGHT:The Reflective Strip Itself Cannot Emit Light:This reflective spoke can be used for quite a long time without requiring batteries.If you ride in the darkness without light,spoke reflector won't emit light!It can reflect only under the light.
SUITABLE FOR A VARIETY OF MODELS: The length of the reflective spoke is 3 inches, which is suitable for 8-inch toddler bike, 24-inch adult bike, mountain bike, road bike, folding bike, children bike etc.
Model No: ESG14437
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12 Pieces Bicycle Spoke Skins Reflector (ESG14437)12 Pieces Bicycle Spoke Skins Reflector 


  1. Material:Made of tough durable plastic, almost weightless.

  2. Sizes: Single length 8 cm , Inner diameter: 1.9-2.4mm outer diameter: 5mm.

  3. Fit for more bikes from 8" Toddler bikes to 24"

  4. The length of the reflective spoke is 3 inches



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